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By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

The following actions or announcements were made at the Truth or Consequences City Commission meeting held Tuesday, March 13.

•A “public comment” box with forms is now available beside the podium in city commission chambers “for those who don’t want to get up and speak,” said new Mayor John Mulcahy.

It is supposed that the filled-out forms may be handed to City Clerk Mary Penner after the meeting or turned in later at the City Clerk’s Office.

•Executive session had two items: Pending or threatened litigation, Toomey vs. City, and Buckhorn Saloon.

According to City Clerk Mary Penner, action taken in open session was, “Commissioners moved to proceed with mediation” for the Toomey case. “Commissioners moved to authorize Rubin to move forward and bring back a resolution” concerning the Buckhorn Saloon.

City Attorney Jay Rubin said, before executive session, that the Buckhorn Saloon was closed under the Open Meetings Act for “pending or threatened litigation” and named Jim and Bettie Brannon. It is unknown if the city or the Brannons are threatening or bringing litigation.

The city began condemnation proceedings on the Buckhorn Saloon several months ago.

At that time, the Brannons were supposed to stabilize the façade of the building within 30 days, which has not been done.

•Commissioners approved the police department’s request to send Malissa Austin-Cordell to Crime Analysis Applications Training in Fort Collins, Colo. It will cost about $2,000.

•Commissioners approved the police department’s annual application for state Law Enforcement Protection Funds for fiscal year 2012-’13.

The funds are distributed by formula, first by population, and second by $600 per certified officer. Towns with ewer than 20,000 people get $20,000. The force has 15 certified officers. The total grant application comes to $29,000.

•City Manager Juan Fuentes reported that he met with architect George Bolling about the pool cover. He is meeting with engineering firm WH Pacific as well. The purpose is to draft a new Request for Proposals to put the project out to bid again.

Fuentes did not mention the possible pending litigation between the city and Arizon, the company which was awarded the first RFP.

Arizon has been paid $85,000, and has been asked to return the money.

Fuentes said the pool will be open without the cover in “early April.”


One thought on “City Actions

  1. “Dear Arizon

    Please give us back the $85,000 we improperly approved in violation of state law. Pretty please…


    The City of Truth or Consequences.”


    Posted by Durable Brad | March 26, 2012, 7:15 am


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