Man Charged With Aggravated Battery After Attacking Friend

By Carlos Padilla


A night of partying came to a violent end with one man being transported to the hospital in an ambulance and his friend being driven to jail in the back of a police car after beating his friend and reportedly threatening another man with a gun.

Just after 2:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 14, officers with the Truth or Consequences Police Department responded to a residence in the 100-block of West Third Street, where a man reported another man was outside, threatening him with a gun.

Arriving on scene, TCPD Officer Karen Kuchan saw two men running toward the back of a building south of West Third Street, near the intersection of North Date Street. The first man stopped running and placed his hands on a wall. The other man, however, “kept placing his hands in his pockets, telling me to shoot him, and telling me the other guy had the gun,” Officer Kuchan reports in her statement of probable cause, filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court.

Officer Kuchan ordered the man, later identified as 23-year-old Trenton Reid of Truth or Consequences, to the ground and to keep his hands where she could see them.

“Reid began to bang his forehead into the ground and yelled, ‘Shoot me already,’” Officer Kuchan states.

After searching the man who had called 911 and finding no weapon on him, Officer Kuchan placed Mr. Reid in handcuffs.

TCPD Officer Leonard Stufflebean then searched Reid for weapons, and found a multicolored glass pipe with resin, and a black knife.

At this time, Reid began yelling obscenities at the officers, claiming to be a member of the Mexican mafia and making threats against the officers’ lives.

“Reid began talking about how he was going to kill us all,” reads the court document.

The man who called police told the officers that he wasn’t going to let Mr. Reid run off and shoot someone, so he followed him around the property. He further stated that Reid was running around, looking for a place to hide prior to the officers arriving on scene.

While Officer Kuchan searched the premises for a firearm, Dispatch notified her that a man had arrived at the local jail, stating that he had been struck by Mr. Reid, and required medical attention.

As an ambulance was dispatched to the jail, the man who called 911 stated that he heard noises coming from under his vehicle, which was broken down and parked just outside his back window. When the man went outside to investigate, he reportedly found Reid lying under the bumper, stating that he was hiding from the police. When the man told Reid to get out from under his vehicle and to leave, Reid reportedly jumped up and began yelling at him, stating that he was the Mexican mafia, and then threatened to shoot the man. The man stated that he never saw a gun, but he went inside and dialed 911.

On the south side of the building, Officer Kuchan located a small blue pickup truck with a broken windshield. “Right outside the door I found a jacket with blood on it and keys in the pocket,” Officer Kuchan states. Mr. Reid told the officer that the jacket belonged to his friend, stating that he left and never came back.

Reid then told Officer Kuchan that he had $700 and “weed” in his pocket.

Officer Stufflebean reported that Mr. Reid admitted to smoking Spice.

According to Wikipedia, Spice –a synthetic cannabis– is a psychoactive herbal product that mimics the effects of marijuana, and can lead to psychosis.

As Officer Stufflebean transported Reid to the hospital to have various minor injuries checked out, Officer Kuchan went to the jail’s parking lot one block away, where ambulance personnel were treating Mr. Reid’s friend.

The friend was bleeding from his head, according to the court document, and stated that Reid hit him in the head with “something glass…at the apartment…just inside the back door.”

Both the victim and Mr. Reid were transported to Sierra Vista Hospital – the victim to be treated for a deep, open head injury, Reid to be medically cleared before he was incarcerated on a charge of aggravated battery.

At the hospital, Reid had to be told numerous times to quit cussing and yelling at the officers and EMS personnel.

Reid refused treatment from the ER doctor, who told the officers to get Reid out of the Emergency Room after Reid started yelling at the doctor.

At the Sierra County Detention Center, Mr. Reid became combative, kicking chairs.

“Reid continued to repeat that his brother is a cop and that he won’t be in jail long, and that his mom would get him out tonight,” Officer Kuchan states in the court document. Reid continued to get mad, yelling at Officer Kuchan that he only has two months of probation left. He then stated that he has a military lawyer.

Officer Stufflebean later returned to the apartment of the man who initially called police and took photographs of “blood from the door, floor, walls and on the glass.”

In yet another apparent change to the chain of events reported to police, a female occupant stated that the victim came into the apartment followed by Mr. Reid. She stated that Reid punched the victim “multiple times with a closed fist,” reads the court document. The victim reportedly fell to the floor, covering his face. After the woman pushed Reid off of the victim, she says Reid ran out of the apartment.

Back at the hospital, the victim told Officer Kuchan that he had been at the apartment with Mr. Reid and the female occupant, smoking Spice and drinking alcohol. The victim stated that Reid “freaked out and began pushing him, when he pushed back and Reid began punching him.” The man concluded his statement, saying that he didn’t remember much other than Reid hitting him in the head with the glass.

The Sierra County Detention Center confirmed on Monday that Mr. Reid was still incarcerated with an $11,000 cash-only bond on his latest charges –third-degree felony aggravated battery and a misdemeanor charge of possession of paraphernalia– however he was not eligible for a bond release due to violating his probation.


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