Woman Strikes Officer, Charged With Felony

By Carlos Padilla


A local woman is facing a fourth-degree felony charge and two lesser charges after striking an officer with the Truth or Consequences Police Department.

TCPD Officer Erica Baker, in her statement of probable cause filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court, stated that she arrived at an apartment in the 400-block of North Coleman Street just after 5 a.m., Saturday, March 11. Officer Baker and TCPD Officer Leonard Stufflebean responded to the residence due to a report that a woman was locked out of the apartment she shares with her boyfriend.

Officer Baker states that she made contact with the woman, identified as 21-year-old Britt Marr, “who was sitting in her vehicle in front of the apartment complex.” Throughout the court documents, Ms. Marr is referred to as Britt Marr, however, in the arrest/booking order, Ms. Marr is referred to as Brittany.

The woman told Officer Baker that her boyfriend had locked her out of the apartment and had already left for work.

Officer Baker contacted the woman’s boyfriend, who stated that he had locked Ms. Marr out of the apartment “so he could get ready for work and get out of the apartment to avoid any physical altercation.” He told Officer Baker that he had left the key inside the apartment, and stated that the back door was unlocked.

At this time, Ms. Marr reportedly began using profanity, and stated that it wasn’t fair that he wasn’t going to get in trouble. “Marr then stated that she hated the cops in Truth or Consequences,” Officer Baker states in her report.

Ms. Marr gave her consent for Officer Stufflebean to enter the apartment through the unlocked back door to unlock the front door for Ms. Marr. After unlocking the front door, the officers located the key to the apartment’s front door.

“Marr entered her residence and threw the key, and then stated she did not have her car keys,” Officer Baker stated. “I advised her that she was just in her car with it running when we pulled up. She stated that the car key she had was not the right one.”

Officer Baker then advised Ms. Marr that since she was drunk, she needed to just go inside her apartment.

“I then told her to have a good night, and began to close the screen door,” Officer Baker stated.

At that time, Ms. Marr swung the door open, hitting Officer Baker with the door.

Officer Baker advised Ms. Marr that she was being placed under arrest.

“I grabbed her arm to place handcuffs on her, and she then swung and hit me in the face, and she swung again and then grabbed my uniform,” Officer Baker said.

Officer Stufflebean stepped in and took Ms. Marr to the ground, as the woman was still trying to strike Officer Baker.

While the officers had one of the woman’s arms placed in handcuffs, she attempted to strike Officer Stufflebean.

Marr was then transported to the Sierra County Detention Center, where she was booked and charged with a fourth-degree felony count of battery upon a peace officer, disorderly conduct (a petty misdemeanor), and a misdemeanor count of resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

Marr was incarcerated with a $6,000 cash or surety bond. On Monday, March 19, SCDC staff told The Herald that Ms. Marr was no longer in custody, and had made bond.


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