11 Enter 2012 Miss Fiesta Contest

By Loretta Tooley


Eleven of Sierra County’s most brilliant young ladies have entered the 2012 Miss Fiesta Contest, according to biographies submitted to The Herald last week by the Sierra County Junior Women’s Club and Hot Springs Women’s Club.

This year’s Miss Fiesta Contest will be held on Saturday, April 14, at 7 p.m., at the Truth or Consequences Civic Center.

Sierra County Junior Women’s Club President Beverly Kasiah stated that this year’s theme will be “Es Una Celebracion,” which will highlight the colorful Hispanic history and influence in the area.

Following are the biographies submitted by this tear’s contestants.


Marissa is the 16-year-old daughter of Saul and Mary Aguirre of Arrey. She was born Aug. 30, 1995, and is a junior at Hot Springs High School.

Marissa has been active in JROTC, volleyball, track, softball and cheer. Other activities include Camp, Raider Challenge and Orienteering.

Marissa has been the recipient of Cadet of the Year for JROTC and Honor Road scholar for volleyball.

After high school graduation, she plans to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado to become a captain. Then she plans to enlist in the military.

Marissa’s personal goals include becoming more involved in the community.

Her hobbies include fishing and dancing. Marissa feels that Truth or Consequences and Sierra County are full of great citizens and feels that the history of the area is very interesting.

Three words that best describe her: outgoing, athletic and caring.

In the next 10 years, Marissa would like to finish high school, college and enlist in the United States Air Force.

She wants to become Miss Fiesta to improve her public speaking, be more involved with the community and represent our county.

Sgt. Haro and Major Apodaca have been the most influential people in her life. They have taught Marissa responsibility.



Felice was born April 13, 1994, to Jay and Rosa Armijo.

She is a senior at HSHS. Her activities during high school include Student Council Senior Class secretary, Yearbook editor, FCA, Biology Club, HSHS Football manager 2010, Student Leadership Institute with Sen. Bingaman, and a blood drive donor.

She is a home health care provider, housekeeper at Sierra Grande Lodge, volunteers at Sierra Health Care Center and Tresco Tots, Walk for Cancer, and is an advertising model for Vic’s Broadwaynewmexico. She is from Truth or Consequences.

Felice has been the recipient of Rotary student of the month, Homecoming Princess 2011, Miss Fiesta First Runner-Up 2011, Varsity Football letter 2010 and a published poet.

Felice plans to attend Eastern New Mexico University for her bachelor’s degree in English.

She plans to build a home in Las Palomas, have a happy family, and teach at HSHS.

Her hobbies include coin collection, knitting and crochet, writing poetry, reading, enjoying the hot springs and Elephant Butte Lake.

Felice feels that our small community is a large family that makes us all care and support each other through hardship and triumph.

Three words that best describe her: scrupulous, fanciful and influential because she is creative, determined and a leader.

In the next 10 years, she would like to graduate from ENMU, with a bachelor’s degree in English, teach at HSHS and work towards her master’s degree.

She feels she can positively represent Sierra County, and wants to inspire the community’s youth to pursue their dreams through education and hard work.

Erin Gruwell, a first-time teacher given the misfits of the school, transformed them into successful graduates through patience and compassion and related their daily going violence to the Holocaust. Felice hopes to be a caring and determined teacher like she was.



Christina is the 18-year-old daughter of Joe Baca. She was born Sept. 10, 1993, and is a senior at Hot Springs High School.

Christina has been active in track and field, Bio Club, Rainbow Girls, and Basketball manager. Christina was born in Germany, and moved here at a very young age.

She has been employed with Comfort Inn and Dairy Queen.

Christina has received medals in track and ribbons in 4-H.

She plans to attend cosmetology school at Olympian University in Las Cruces.

Her personal goal is to be the best she can at everything she does.

Her hobbies include running, hanging out with friends and movie nights.

Christina likes how close knit the community is.

Three words that best describe her: kind, compassionate and self-motivated.

In the next 10 years, Christina would like to finish cosmetology school and own her own business, and have a husband, house and three kids.

She feels she would be a great role model.

Jesus has been the most influential person in Christina’s life outside of her family because he is everything she wants to be like and so much more – kind, thoughtful, generous, truthful and loving.



Shelby, the 17-year-old daughter of Danny and Carol Bullington, was born March 20, 1995.

Shelby has been active in volleyball and FFA, and is a junior at Hot Springs High School.

She is presently employed at Bullocks Grocery, and is originally from Truth or Consequences.

During her high school career, Shelby has received several volleyball and FFA awards.

Shelby plans to attend college and go on to become an orthodontist, and eventually own her own business.

Shelby enjoys collecting T-shirts as her hobby.

Shelby feels that Truth or Consequences and Sierra County’s history is the most interesting aspect of the community because of the mining communities and the hot springs.

Three words that best describe her: outgoing, laid-back and positive.

In the next 10 years, Shelby would like to have completed her schooling and become an orthodontist.

She wants to be Miss Fiesta to be a positive role model to younger girls.

Carrie Hearn has always encouraged Shelby to be the best she can in everything she does.



Katrina, who is a senior student at Hot Springs High School, is the 17-year-old daughter of Jose and Maria Garcia.

She has been active in softball, JROTC, Bio Club, Jostens Renaissance, 4-H Shooting Sports, Rifle Team, Prom Committee, JROTC Battalion S-3 Training and operation officers. Other activities include ASA Softball and church group.

Katrina is originally from Truth or Consequences.

She has received awards for Expert Shooter and Leadership.

Katrina plans to become a radiologist technician.

Her future plans include graduating from NMSU, pursue her career as a radiologist, and getting married and starting a family.

Katrina enjoys collecting mascara, nail polish, Sponge Bob figures and seashells, and she enjoys playing football.

Katrina loves the amazing sunsets and the nice people in our community.

Three words that best describe her: smart, happy and nice.

In the next 10 years, she would like to finish school, start her career as a radiologist and travel to Paris.

She wants to be seen as a role model and a good influence to everyone in our community.

1st Sgt. Robert Haro has been the most influential person in her life because he has helped her through everything and given great advice. He has never let her quit, and pushes her to the fullest extent.



Brittney was born March 30, 1995, to R. Michelle Kiker. She is originally from Hillsboro, N.M.

Brittney is a junior at Hot Springs High School, and lists golf, student body secretary, teacher assistant and bass player/singer for chapel band among her school activities.

Brittney works at the Boys & Girls Club of America. She is involved in STARS National Abstinence Program. She is also praise and worship leader for United Lights Youth Church.

During high school, Brittney lettered in golf, was on the team that was state runner up for golf, National Finalist at Fine Arts, first place team for FFA Crops Contest and first place landscape design for FFA.

Her goal is to graduate from Oral Roberts University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Her personal goal is to always have a smile on her face, and to always influence people for the best and be the best leader she can be.

Her hobbies include going to the lake, playing golf, bike riding, tanning and music.

Brittney feels that Truth or Consequences and Sierra County have the best sunsets, and likes the small town aspect of the town.

Three words that best describe her: outgoing, compassionate and determined.

In the next 10 years, Brittney would like to graduate from ORU, become a motivational speaker and be named a pastor.

The reason she wants to become Miss Fiesta is she loves being a leader. She would be able to not only represent our town, but her generation.

Pastor Elaine Skidmore always encourages her to do everything to her best ability. She is an amazing mentor.



Destinee was born on Feb. 1, 1991, and is in her second year of college. She is originally from Mesa, Ariz.

Her school activities and clubs include “Best Buddies”/teens with special needs, voluntarily provided assistance to the elderly and is an active advocate of invisible children.

Destinee’s honors and awards include honor roll and outstanding student.

Her goals are to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing and transfer to medical school to become a pediatrician.

Her personal goal is to read the entire Bible in one year and become more knowledgeable of the Lord’s work, and to be healthier, physically and spiritually.

Her hobbies include collecting sunglasses (34) and shoes (41 pair).

Destinee feels that Truth or Consequences and Sierra County are the Southwest’s best-kept secret with all the history.

Three words that best describe her: outgoing, trustworthy and funny.

In the next 10 years, she would like to finish school and start her career. “I would like to somehow change the world (helping and volunteering.)”

She feels she would be an excellent role model – she strives to set a good example.

Her grandma, who lost her left leg to diabetes, has influenced her the most.



Nikki is the 17-year old daughter of Brad and Trish Marr of Williamsburg. She was born in Belen on July 17, 1994, and is a senior at Hot Springs High School.

Nikki has been active in volleyball, basketball, track and field, golf, Student Council and FFA.

After school, she has been employed at Dairy Queen, and Cherrill’s Western Apparel, and has been a member of the High School Rodeo Association, 4-H, Caballo Youth Group, United Lights Youth Group, and the Truth or Consequences City League slow-pitch.

Nikki had the honor of being named the 2011 Homecoming Queen, student body president 2011-‘12 attended New Mexico Girls State, and was awarded the Justin Boot Salute Award in 2009.

Her goal is to receive her master’s degree in psychology with a minor in performing arts. In her personal life, she hopes to lead a happy and successful life.

Her hobbies include snowboarding, painting and acting.

When asked what she felt is the most interesting fact about Truth or Consequences and Sierra County, Nikki said, “No matter what time of day or night – you will always run into someone you know at Walmart.”

Three words that best describe her: I’m completely incomplete, “because I will always strive to achieve higher goals and learn more about myself.”

In the next 10 years, Nikki hopes to have completed her college education, have a steady job and a support system.

She says the reason she wants to be Miss Fiesta is because she feels she has represented HSHS to the best of her ability and wants to use her experience to represent Sierra County.

The person who has influenced her most is her friend, Diego Salazar, who is always there to help her in tight situations or when life seems impossible.



Elizabeth is a sophomore at HSHS, and was born March 30, 1996, in Ft. Carson, Colo. Her parents are Don and Davonna Armijo of Williamsburg.

Elizabeth has been active in softball for one year, cheerleading for three years, and played the role of Peppermint Patty in the drama club production of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”

Other activities include LDS Church youth group, dance for seven years, Youth Harmony Camp for two years, Fashion Camp at Texas Tech for three years, and Especially for Youth for two years.

Honors and awards Elizabeth has been presented with are for dance, state competition two years for first place group, second place solo and attended nationals in 2009.

Elizabeth hopes to attend Eastern Carolina University majoring in adolescent therapy.

Her hobbies include designing her own clothes, collecting souvenir spoons and writing poetry about life.

What she really likes about our area is how everyone knows everyone and all fit like a puzzle.

Elizabeth has lived in two different countries and has lived here for 10 years.

The three words that best describe her are weird, spontaneous and real. She says it’s hard to describe her, let alone know and describe her.

In 10 years, she hopes to finish high school, attend college and start a family.

She wants to be Miss Fiesta because she feels it will be a good learning experience for her on how to portray herself.

Mrs. Robin Wyatt has been the most influential person in Elizabeth’s life. She has taught her that life is short, so live it up! Elizabeth has only known her for a year, but says it feels like a lifetime. “I love my Drama Mama!”



Christie was born Aug. 7, 1992, in Sierra Vista, Ariz.

While attending school in Sierra Vista, she was in the book club, Animeclub and theatre. She also ran the cafeteria.

She has worked for Taco Bell and is co-owner of R&C Sumthins Ice Cream. She participates in community events.

Her goal is to become a pastry culinary chef. Her personal goals include trying to set a respectable influence on the youth of the community.

Her favorite hobbies include fishing, collecting unusual glass bottles and watching the Food Network.

Christie says she loves the small town community of Truth or Consequences because everyone treats each other with respect and friendliness.

The three words that best describe her are outgoing, fun and positive.

In the next 10 years, she wishes to make a positive name for herself and her family’s business.

The reason she wants to be Miss Fiesta is to make a positive difference within the community.

“Chef Lora Hendy inspired me to pursue my dreams in the culinary field, as well as encouraged me to graduate.”



Monica is the 18-year-old daughter of Jesusita Gutierrez, and was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on Nov. 6, 1993.

Monica is a senior at Hot Springs High School.

During high school, Monica has been active in JROTC, softball, and had some of her art on display in the school art show.

Outside of school, she is employed as a food server. She participated in a mixed softball tournament and her team finished in third place.

During her high school career, she has received the MOAA JROTC medal.

Her goal is to pursue an education in special effects makeup.

Her personal goal is to graduate from high school and return to California with her family while pursuing a career in special effects make-up.

Monica’s hobbies include painting and spending time with her family.

Monica feels that our lakes are the most interesting part of our area because they attract visitors from all over and it is so much fun.

She says the three words that best describe her are creative, honest and unique.

In the next 10 years, she hopes to be accomplished special effects makeup artist.

Monica would like to Miss Fiesta so that she can learn to be more outgoing.

The person who has been the most influential person in her life is her best friend, Katrina Garcia. “She never lets me quit and she is always there for me through good and bad times.”


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