Local Man Facing Kidnapping & Two Molestation Charges

By Carlos Padilla


An investigation involving one set of alleged crimes against children resulted in officials with the Truth or Consequences Police Department making an arrest and filing charges of even more serious crimes against a child.

TCPD Detective Terry White filed an affidavit for the arrest of 61-year-old Russell Finn of Truth or Consequences in Sierra County Magistrate Court last week.

In the course of another investigation, Detective White learned that a state agency had gathered information regarding an allegation of molestation involving a very young girl, which reportedly took place some time in February. Finn was identified by the girl’s mother as the man who had molested her daughter.

A forensic interview was arranged with another agency last Tuesday afternoon.

One of the girl’s siblings told the woman conducting the forensic interview that he overheard a conversation between his mother and grandmother, identifying a man who had been dating his grandmother as the man who had molested his five-year-old sister.

The young victim identified “Russell” as the “bad one” who had molested her. The incident reportedly took place at a motorhome Finn lives in, along the Rio Grande, near Ralph Edwards Park.

The girl’s mother stated that she walked into Finn’s motorhome and caught the man molesting her daughter. The mother says she removed her daughter from Finn’s motorhome.

Russell Finn was arrested and charged with first-degree felony kidnapping, second-degree felony criminal sexual contact of a minor, and third-degree felony criminal sexual contact of a minor.

Finn is incarcerated at the Sierra County Detention Facility with no bond available.


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