Petitions Circulating, Address Commissioners

Petitions are being circulated throughout the community, requesting that Truth or Consequences City Commissioners follow the will of the people, and demanding that they set aside all private and personal interests, whatever they may be, and work solely for the benefit and in the interests of the residents of the city.

The petitions also demand that the city commission recognize that the residents of the city object to any and all commercial development of properties along Interstate 25 that may be detrimental to the economic growth of the city’s downtown area.

The petition is opposed to the development of a truck stop, or any other private facilities by the airport, or at any other freeway location with the city limits.

It also is opposed to the placement of the Spaceport Welcome Center on any land adjacent to I-25, or otherwise less beneficial to the great downtown area. And it requests no publicly-owned land be given, sold, traded, leased or in any other way transferred to private interest without a public hearing.

The petition notes that the residents have the right to recall and replace any officials shown to be working in any way for special interests, and against the interests of this community.


One thought on “Petitions Circulating, Address Commissioners

  1. The City of Truth or Consequences should not provide infrastructure improvements involving millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent in order to provide water and sewer hook-ups to the proposed “Travel Center” promoted by Greg Neal (Hot Springs Land Development) and the Sierra County Economic Development Organization (SCEDO).

    The recent revelation that an official Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement was in place between SCEDO and Greg Neal (Hot Springs Motorplex) well prior to discussions regarding annexation of land into the city limits and subsequent development at the airport, indicates that many local elected representatives have been involved with Mr. Neal through their SCEDO memberships in a questionable legal association that was only ended one month ago after it became public knowledge. Do you get that?

    The fact that Mayor John Mulcahy continues to remain a member of the Truth or Consequence City Commission in violation of SCEDO bylaws, and continues to work in a paid position as a proponent for Mr. Neal and his project,
    should serve as an excellent example of the extent to which ethics have been discarded by the local power elite.

    Without an immediate investigation by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, the New Mexico Secretary of State, and the New Mexico Attorney General, it is somewhat obvious that compromised public officials such as City Commissioner Steve Green, former City Commissioner Jerry Stagner, and Mayor John Mulcahy will continue to bend the rules in order to service the needs of Greg Neal, Randy Ashbaugh, and all of those associated with the proposed “Travel Center” adjacent to the Truth or Consequence Municipal Airport…. and this will co$t you money.

    These individuals do not care what damage they create to the community as a whole, and will continue to exercise absolute disregard for public opinion until some sort of serious consequences succeed in bringing truth back into the sphere of local politics. Please consider signing this petition.

    Posted by Durable Brad | April 14, 2012, 2:54 am


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