P&Z Reconsiders Sign Ordinance

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

The City of Truth or Consequences’ Planning & Zoning Commission was given a new sign ordinance drafted by Building Inspector Charlie Friberg at the Tuesday, April 3 meeting.

Friberg said he presented it to the board last August, but they never responded.

Commissioner Joey Perry, after the meeting, said the August 2011 meeting was cancelled and the item was never put back on the agenda.

Perry said she spent 15 hours going back and forth between this new ordinance and the old. She requested that a “strike-through” version of the old ordinance be prepared so commissioners could see exactly what is being added and deleted.

Perry noted that about half of the definitions had been left out in the new version.

It was decided that a workshop for P&Z commissioners will be held first, with no public comment. If the commissioners agree to go forward with a new ordinance, then public workshops will be held. These workshops would lead to an ordinance publication made available for two weeks at the City Clerk’s Office. Then a formal public hearing would be held.

If passed at the P&Z level, then the ordinance would go to the city commission level for passage.


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