63rd Annual TorC Fiesta to be Held May 4-6

By Carlos Padilla

On April 1, 1950, the town of Hot Springs, New Mexico was reborn and christened as the city of Truth or Consequences. This year’s annual Truth or Consequences Fiesta celebrates the 63rd birthday of the city’s name change, which took place on April 1, 1950.

In 2012, the Truth or Consequences Fiesta celebrates the 63rd anniversary of our city’s name change May 4-6, while 2012 marks the 100th birthday of the State of New Mexico.

The city of Truth or Consequences is nearly as old as the State of New Mexico, having been incorporated in 1916.

The theme for this year’s celebration of this historic event is “100 Years of Southwestern Hospitality.”

The May 2012 edition of the Chaparral Guide welcomes residents throughout Sierra County and New Mexico, as well as visitors from locations beyond our county’s and state’s borders, to join in this Centennial celebration.

See the schedule included in the May 2012 edition of the Chaparral Guide for a listing of all things Fiesta. Articles detailing these events are also included in this edition.


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