A Word from the Fiesta Board

By Destiny Mitchell

2012 Fiesta Board Chair

Fiesta is a community event. Originally sponsored and put on by numerous members of the community, today this enormous task has fallen on the shoulders of a few volunteers, who do not wish to see an end to our treasured childhood festivities. Many of the events that comprise Fiesta, have been independently orchestrated by community organizations, such as Miss Fiesta, the Sherriff’s Posse Rodeo, or the Fiesta Golf Tournament. But much of weekend festivities are still organized and implemented by a handful of people. That handful gets smaller and smaller every year. Maybe someday our annual Fiesta will basically run itself, but until then, Fiesta could really use your help. You, the community, one of the main reasons we do this for. It is hard to contend with a negative atmosphere surrounding our annual event to celebrate our heritage. I hear people say all the time, “I wish Fiesta would bring back the stage show,” or “I wish Fiesta would bring back the car show,” or I wish Fiesta would bring back something…” Fiesta is dying. And it is easy to blame the few volunteers who go mentally insane a few months out of the year trying to make it a decent Fiesta, dreaming of putting on shows and events that were once the glory of Fiesta. But we are just too few. We need your help. We need your input, we need your volunteers.

With that said, some changes have been made to Fiesta this year. I thought back to all of my Fiesta memories, and tried to remember what made Fiesta for me? One answer was the Bank of the Southwest street dance. I remembered hanging around outside the fence, watching my parents dance to a local country band, checking out the merchants, open shops, and food vendors, riding rides on the carnival, and celebrating downtown.

It has been many years since this activity has taken place. The 2012 Fiesta board has attempted to bring it back. We should have a carnival stationed downtown like we used to in the past. There will be live music all day Saturday at the BOSW parking lot, with many local talents, as well as culminating in an old fashioned street dance, with the music of the popular Yarbrough Band. A beer tent, food and craft vendors, and many other accessories will be present at this location all day Saturday during the parade until 10 p.m.

This is not to take away, from the usual festivities in the park. We will have live music all weekend at the stage in Ralph Edwards Park, starting Friday night with the Hard Knocks Blues Band, 7-9 p.m. Saturday after the parade, the food and craft vendors will also be in the park, along with the Fiesta Basketball tournament, Junk Boat Races, and a live music stage running til 9 p.m., with great rock and roll and alternative rock music.

Sunday is still Family Fun Day. We’ll have music from Jaylah Danielle, as well as Antonio Reyna and a full mariachi band.

The annual Fiesta Duck Race, sponsored by the Truth or Consequences Fire Department, will take place on Sunday this year, as well as many other games and contests for kids and adults.

For a tentative copy of the schedule, check us out on Facebook, or at TorCFiesta.com.

Thank you all for the support you have given Fiesta this year, and in years past. If it weren’t for you, this event would not happen. Thank you, from the 2012 Fiesta Board.


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