City Commissioners Take Committee Posts

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

Every year, Truth or Consequences city commissioners reassign themselves various committee duties. This was an agenda item at the regular meeting, held Tuesday, April 10.

The city is supposed to have three elected officials on the Sierra Vista Hospital Joint Powers Commission. The surrounding municipalities share joint ownership, and representation is based proportionally by population. Commissioners Freddie Torres and Steve Green have been serving, and will remain. The third seat has been vacant since Frances Luna resigned in January. Mayor John Mulcahy will fill that seat.

The Sierra County Higher Education Council city representative will be Commissioner Jeff Richter. Mayor Mulcahy said this post is “very important because the city owns that building and we need to make sure it’s being utilized.” Mulcahy was referring to the Western New Mexico University branch, the Gardner Learning Center at 601 Sunset.

MainStreet Truth or Consequences, a local division of the federal and state organization, will have Commissioner Green as their returning city representative. Mayor Mulcahy will be an alternate.

The Regional Planning Organization, overseen by the South Central Council of Governments, will have Commissioner Green returning and Commissioner Sandra Whitehead as alternate. Green said he wanted to finish the project to provide local van transportation among Williamsburg, Elephant Butte, Truth or Consequences and Sierra County. The RPO is the oversight committee for state and federal transportation funding, which competes with other regions for priority.

The Sierra County Economic Development Organization, whose executive director is John Mulcahy –who dropped out of this discussion– will have Commissioner Green as its returning city representative.

The South Central Council of Governments representative was not appointed since it is part of their annual resolution, which also includes a yearly membership fee. A representative and alternate will be discussed when that resolution comes before commissioners.


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