K-Bob’s Donates $1,395 to Community During Grand Reopening

On the evening of May 11, K-Bob’s Steakhouse partnered with the FFA and Hot Springs High to raise $1,395 for the organization.

FFA high school student members joined the K-Bob’s staff in raising money for their organizations. The groups personally invited their supporters to eat for free at K-Bob’s on May 11. Each guest was able to order anything off the menu at no charge, in exchange for making a $20 per person donation. During the night, student representatives greeted guests, accepted donations and sold balloons filled with prizes all supplied by K-Bob’s.

According to K-Bob’s Marketing Director Lori Krenc, “Part of the K-Bob’s mission is to always strive to be an integral part of the communities we serve. We want our customers to think of us as a priority in their lives: ‘Church, Family, School, then K-Bob’s.’ It’s a place to gather and celebrate with family and friends. We want to bring people together and support the cities we call home.”

Krenc continued, “It is with this mission that at each of our locations, we always choose local organizations to partner with even before we open our doors, or in this case, reopen. At K-Bob’s, we want to get to know our neighbors and become a part of the community.”

Funds will be used to assist students as they travel to events throughout the school year.


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