Last Stand at the Buckhorn Saloon

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

A two-hour public hearing to decide the fate of the Buckhorn Saloon was held during the regular Truth or Consequences City Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 10.

At the end of March, city commissioners passed a resolution authorizing the demolition of the building, after two years of warning the owners, Bettie and Jim Brannon, that the structure needed to be stabilized and brought up to code.

The Brannons appealed the resolution within 10 days, which required a public hearing.

The hearing was conducted using the Battershell procedure, used when commissioners sit as a “quasi-judicial” body, usually in land-use issues, or in this case, a condemnation procedure. Commissioners, city staff, proponents and opponents were allowed to cross-examine each other and any person who signed up as a “public” person interested in commenting.

The Brannons were the only proponents.

Bill Buhler and his daughter, Susan Buhler were the only opponents and adjacent property owners.

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