Family Mourns, Remembers Mical


By Carlos Padilla


It’s been a long couple of weeks for the family of 27-year-old Mical Lee Culpepper, who was reported as missing after some friends of Mical’s said they hadn’t seen or heard from him after Friday night, May 4.

After some time passed without hearing from Mical, his friends and family began distributing posters, seeking information on his whereabouts. The posters were placed throughout the area and on Facebook, all to no avail.

Then came the news Mical’s family and friends were dreading – his body had been located at the scene of a fire. Mical had reportedly been murdered and his body set on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 5, south of Truth or Consequences, near Las Palomas. The persistent rumors no one wanted to believe proved to be all too true.

“He was just here for a couple of days,” Mical’s mother, Synthea Simonson, told The Herald last week. “He was going to start school in the fall, and had been clean and sober. I don’t understand why this happened.”

If losing a loved one isn’t hard enough on its own, Mical’s family is having a tough time understanding how someone he knew since he was young and called his best friend could do what he is accused of doing – killing Mical and setting him on fire.

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One thought on “Family Mourns, Remembers Mical

  1. R.I.P. to Mical I had the privilege of meeting him a few times, awesome person who was in recovery doing the right thing. This was tragic and I am at a loss for words. My prayers go out to his mother wife kids and family

    Posted by Deirdre Gallegoes | May 24, 2012, 6:49 pm


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