Seniors Receive Scholarships

Following is the list of awards and scholarships awarded to the Hot Springs High School graduating Class of 2012.

American Legion Auxiliary ($400 each): Karah Tooley and Christopher Thomas.

American Legion JROTC Scholarship ($500 each): Karah Tooley and Gregory Apodaca.

American Legion Charity Committee ($500 each): Alezandra Cazares, Samantha Chavez, Katrina Garcia, and Justin Muller.

American Legion Riders ($100 each): Christopher Thomas, Dedra Starke, and Rayanna De La O.

AppleTree-AmeriCorps ($1,100): Shelby Downs.

Arrey Elementary School ($200 each): Jose Rodriguez, Isaac Bamonte, Eric Moreno, Joaquin Galicia, Gregory Apodaca and Shelby Downs.

Ashley Ball Memorial: Greg Apodaca ($1,600), Karah Tooley ($1,100), Patricia Martinez ($600), Christopher Thomas ($500), Alezandra Cazares ($300), Justin Dahlrymple ($300), Katrina Garcia ($300), Samantha Chavez ($250).

Audrey Lang Memorial Scholarship ($1,000): Shelby Downs.

Bank of the Southwest ($2,000): Travis Day.

B&F Enterprises ($500): Travis Day.

Bartoo Sand & Gravel ($500): Arliss Chavez.

Citizens Bank ($500): Danielle Hill.

Class of 1985 Arnold Grijalva Memorial ($100 each): Melissa Welch and Isaac Bamonte.

Classes of the ‘70s Reunion Scholarship ($100 each): Gregory Apodaca, Vincent Apodaca, Travis Day, Kaitlin Garcia, Monica Ossowski-Druce and Karah Tooley.

Clint Benjamin Memorial ($500 each): Corley Henderson and Bryce Smith.

Cunningham Memorial 4H Scholarship ($1,000 each): Shelby Downs and Bryce Smith.

Linda Dunlap Honorable Scholarship ($300): Travis Day.

Ekmar Abstract ($300 each): Corley Henderson, Karah Tooley and Bryce Smith.

Elephant Butte Bass Anglers ($500): Samuel Ashley.

Elephant Butte Rotary Club: Make-A-Wish ($27.23 each): Hunter Bierner and Veronica Chavez; Academic ($500 each): Isaac Bamonte, Eric Moreno and Melissa Welch; Vocational ($500): Jose Rodriguez.

Exemplary Student Award ($250): Karina Prieto.

Glen Daves Memorial Democratic Party ($300): Felice Armijo.

John Groce Memorial ($500 each): Karah Tooley, Vincent Apodaca, Hunter Bierner, Monica Ossowski-Druce and Justin Rees.

JROTC Participation Award ($250 each): Gregory Apodaca, Nadiesda Gonzalez, Ryan Tenorio, Michael Manning and Darleen Blacklock.

Hot Springs Woman’s Club ($500 each): Greg Apodaca, Felice Armijo, Darleen Blacklock, Arliss Chavez and Melissa Welch.

HSHS Bible Club ($500 each): Melissa Welch and April Cortes.

HSHS Booster Club ($100 each): Gregory Apodaca, Justin Dahlrymple, Joaquin Galicia, Kaitlin Garcia, Corley Henderson, Nikki Marr, Justin Rees, Karah Tooley and Chris Thomas.

HSHS Booster Club High GPA: Isaac Bamonte ($225), Travis Day ($225) and Melissa Welch ($350).

HSHS Faculty & Staff Careers in Education ($500): Karina Prieto.

HSHS Faculty Participation Student Council ($100): Karah Tooley.

Levi Rodriquez Memorial Scholarship ($2,500): Nikki Marr.

Mary Jane Torres/Steven Bullock ($500): Travis Day.

Masonic Lodge 64 ($500): Danielle Hill.

Miss Fiesta Scholarship: Karah Tooley ($500), Christina Baca ($1,000).

Moose Legion ($500): Melissa Welch.

Moose Lodge 2050 ($500 each): Gregory Apodaca, Vincent Apodaca, Felice Armijo, Samuel Ashley, Christina Baca, Darren Baca, Isaac Bamonte, Hunter Bierner, Darleen Blacklock, Kyle Blacklock, Alezandra Cazares, Arliss Chavez, Samantha Chavez, Veronica Chavez, Travis Day, Rayanna De La O, Shelby Downs, Joaquin Galicia, Shania Gillespie, Corley Henderson, Danielle Hill, Brittanny Lichtsinn, Michael Manning, Nikki Marr, Patricia Martinez, Emily Miller, Eric Moreno, Justin Muller, Monica Ossowski-Druce, Alexandra Perkins, Karina Prieto, Jose Rodriguez, Bryce Smith, Debra Starke, Karah Tooley, Melissa Welch, Brandon Yorrie and Lael Yrene.

NEA-TorC ($200 each): Christopher Thomas and Darren Baca ($50 each): Samantha Chavez and Karina Prieto.

OLPH Ladies Council/Knights of Columbus ($650 each): Jose Rodriguez and Veronica Chavez.

Pilot Club ($4,000): Joaquin Cesar Galicia.

Renaissance-Netbooks ($400 each): Travis Day, Brittany Lichtsinn, Eric Moreno, Jose Rodriguez and Karah Tooley.

Robert Howe Educational Trust ($500 each): Felice Armijo, Isaac Bamonte, Hunter Bierner, Arliss Chavez, Shania Gillespie, Danielle Hill, Brittany Lichtsinn, Eric Moreno, Jose Rodriguez, Karah Tooley, Melissa Welch, Lael Yrene, Corley Henderson, Veronica Chavez, Melissa Welch, Hunter Bierner, Travis Day, Danielle Hill, Bryce Smith, Gregory Apodaca, Felice Armijo, Arliss Chavez, Brittany Lichtsinn, Karah Tooley, Christopher Thomas, Darren Baca, and Justin Muller.

Sierra County Arts Council ($250): Veronica Esparza.

Sierra County Board of Realtors ($250 each): Kaitlyn Barcia, Eric Moreno, Greg Apodaca and Shania Gillespie.

Sierra County Fair Board ($500 each): Shelby Downs, Bryce Smith and Travis Day.

Sierra County Farm & Livestock Bureau ($400 each): Travis Day and Arliss Chavez.

Sierra del Rio Mens Golf Association ($1,000 each): Darren Baca, Justin Dalrymple, Nikki Marr and Karah Tooley.

Sierra Electric Co-op: Arliss Chavez ($1,000); ($500 each): Felice Armijo, Sam Ashley, Hunter Bierner, Wyatt Willey, Nikki Marr and Justin Muller; Basin Scholarship: Travis Day ($1,000); Tristate ($500 each): Greg Apodaca and Chase Willey.

Sierra Vista Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship ($500 each): Melissa Welch, Veronica Chavez and Darlene Blacklock.

Special Recognition Award ($1,000): Karah Tooley.

State Farm-Good Neighbor Scholarship $500): Travis Day.

TorC Central Service Staff ($250 each): Justin Dalrymple and Hunter Bierner.

TorC Lions Club ($2,000 each): Rayanna De La O and Veronica Chavez.

TorC Middle School Staff ($250 each): Rayanna De La O and Nic Nuñez.

TorC Rotary Club ($500 each): Isaac Bamonte, Travis Day, Bryce Smith and Shelby Downs.

TorC School Board ($250 each): Samuel Ashley and Christina Baca.

VFW Post 3317 Gordon Lakso Scholarship ($500 each): Karah Tooley, Greg Apodaca, Samantha Chavez and Darleen Blacklock; Voice of Democracy: Travis Day ($300), Lael Yrene ($200) and Felice Armijo ($100). Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship: Alexandia Perkins ($500).

Whitehead Family ($250 each): Bryce Smith, Nikki Marr and Lael Yrene.

Winston Leggins 4H ($500 each): Chase Willey and Wyatt Willey.

Women of the Moose ($500 each): Lael Yrene, Brittany Lichtsinn, Shelby Downs and Justin Rees.


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