TorC City Actions

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

The Truth or Consequences City Commission took the following actions or heard the following at the Tuesday, May 22 meeting.

•A resolution was passed unanimously that promises the city will recycle 33 percent of its solid waste by 2017.

The New Mexico Recycling Coalition is requiring the resolution as part of the $190,000 grant given over the last three years for a baler and four trailers, which collect recycling in Arrey and Elephant Butte.

Commissioner Steve Green said the city is currently recycling between five and six percent of its waste now. He made previous statements that 11 or 12 percent waste was being recycled. The national average for recycling is 33 percent, said Green. The source of his figures was not given.

A recycling workshop will be given before the next city meeting, set for Tuesday, June 12.

•Commissioners approved the advertisement of a request for proposals to tear down the Youth Center.

Commissioner Green asked for the bid to break out recycling revenue from scrap metal months ago, but this bid will not do so. Green asked that the water tank project RFPs also break out metal recycling revenue, which he states is about $170 per ton, but the change order awarded two weeks ago also neglected to do so. Nevertheless, Green and fellow commissioners unanimously approved the ad for the RFP.

•City commissioners approved the advertisement of an RFP for “white goods metal salvager.”

Procurement Officer Pat Wood said the RFP asked for unit prices: “three tons or five tons – it’s priced per ton.”

Solid Waste Department Head Leonard Carillo said he currently gives the metal away “just to get rid of it.” He said that even giving it away is difficult when the price of metal drops, making transportation more expensive than the goods gained.

Local resident Audon Trujillo, during public comment, said the RFPs for the Youth Center teardown and the metals salvaging should have been combined to gain the greatest economic benefit and efficiency for the city. He also said such RFPs should be anticipated and planned by holding a yearly RFP planning meeting with department heads.

•Sam Senn of BASCOR Engineering gave a presentation on a city-owned solar plant that would produce about two megawatts per year, or about 20 percent of the total energy the city uses. Senn gave the same presentation two years ago and city commissioners agreed to go out to bid for a contractor.

Commissioner Green was asked why the project was dropped.

“Previous City Manager [Dave] Weiser is not here to defend himself, but I have my surmise,” was Green’s response.

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