Clerk Arrested for Embezzlement, Drug Charges

By Carlos Padilla


A clerk at a local convenience store has been arrested and is facing two fourth-degree felony charges, including one count of embezzlement and another count of possession of a controlled substance.

Truth or Consequences Police Officer James Harrington responded to the Fast Stop Convenience Store on North Date Street early Wednesday morning, Aug. 22, regarding a complaint of stolen property, after the clerk scheduled to work the morning shift discovered that the safe door was open with the money bag missing. The employee reportedly had also discovered that all of the change from the change door was missing as well as a company credit card. In all, approximately $1,700 was unaccounted for from the store.

The morning shift clerk told Officer Harrington that when she arrived at work, the doors were locked and the building’s alarm was properly set. Officer Harrington noted no sign of forced entry.

Officer Harrington obtained the name and address of the clerk, identified as 40-year-old Sharon Moody of Truth or Consequences, who had worked the previous evening’s shift, as a representative of the company’s management arrived at the store to download the surveillance video.

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