Dr. Christie-Lin Doering Joins Dr. Connie Moore at Milagro Health Center

By Carlos Padilla


It is a rare, beautiful thing when two individuals from seemingly diverse backgrounds come together in a seamless, beneficial way. Such is the partnership between two local doctors – Dr. Connie Moore and Dr. Christie-Lin Doering of Milagro Health Center.

Milagro Health Center is not closing and Dr. Constance “Connie” Moore is not leaving. Instead, Dr. Connie is expanding her chiropractic practice into a more integrative-care approach. This transition will include a partnership with a full-time Doctor of Oriental Medicine as well as other part-time licensed and certified health practitioners, such as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is hoping to better serve the community by having at least one primary care physician at the center at all times, during office hours. Soon, there will be a variety of other health practitioners available to patients. Dr. Connie’s desire is to attract open-minded and open-hearted health care professionals who can adopt her “patient comes first” philosophy, as well as embrace a natural and preventive model of health.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Connie fell in love with Truth or Consequences and its surrounding communities. She felt inspired to renovate the building that once housed the famous local healer, Magnolia Ellis. She also adopted Magnolia’s dream of providing natural healing to all in need. During the years that followed, Dr. Connie worked ceaselessly to create a health and wellness center that would serve her beloved patients in the safest and most holistic way possible.

Presently, personal and family obligations in Texas are preventing Dr. Connie from working at the clinic full time. However, Connie is viewing this as a positive change because it is nudging her to dream yet an even bigger dream – to provide the community with an integrative health center that includes several types of health services under the same roof. Dr. Christie-Lin Doering, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, shares this dream and will continue to foster its evolvement.

These two ladies look forward to working together to create their shared vision. Although Dr. Connie will be out of the office a portion of every month, she will be available to confer with Dr. Christie-Lin about the center and her patients on a daily basis. Together, they are planning a variety of community health and wellness workshops. In addition to treating pain and many internal medical conditions, the clinic will specialize in both longevity medicine and reproductive health and wellness.

Dr. Connie Moore from the Milagro Health Center would like to introduce Dr. Christie-Lin Doering, a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), a nationally certified Diplomate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Dipl. AOM) and an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Dr. Connie will continue to treat patients at Milagro Health Center on a part-time basis, while Dr. Christie-Lin will be available full-time.

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