Jia Apple: Profile of an Artist

By Sharon Finarelli, MLIS

Sierra County is fortunate to have artist and entrepreneur, Jia Apple as a member of our community. You may know Jia if you’ve visited Passion Pie Café for some great coffee and wonderful dessert. Or you may know Jia from her murals at the Community Health Foundation Thrift Shop or the Veterans Museum. Jia’s art and life are reflections of each other. For example, although no immediate family members are veterans, Jia developed a deep sense of empathy as she connected to the struggles that veterans go through during her work on the Veterans Museum murals.

Jia’s work that is on exhibit at Sierra Vista Hospital has deep personal connection to Jia that will relate to many in our community as well. A simple painting of a rooster reflects a period of life change. The painting titled “Wake Up Haole Tita” (literally foreigner sister) speaks of a period when Jia worked in Hawaii in an effort to move through a time of change that resulted in a deeper, more meaningful life. At the start of her stay, she was called Haole or foreigner. However, by the end of her time in Hawaii, she was Haole Tita. This painting speaks to the change that each of us move through as we wake up to the life we are intended to live and move from feeling isolated (foreigner) to belonging (sister).

Jia’s motivation for art is a reflection of her response to feeling awe in response to the world around her. Her ambition is to “Paint like God,” which Jia defines as moving people by her art in the way that she is moved as she looks at a beautiful landscape. She see the Art in the Hospital project as an opportunity to spread light and healing to our community through the work that has brought light and healing to her.

Current projects include work on a series of inspirational women, an artist’s interpretation of Mary Magdalene, a graphite portrait and a tabletop for Passion Pie Café. In addition to Jia’s tabletop, artists Ed Moss and Delmas Howe will have tabletops on exhibit at Passion Pie Café in the near future.

Sierra Vista Hospital invites you to meet Jia and view her art that is on exhibit in our registration hallway on Friday, Sept. 7, at 2 p.m. We have a very special celebration planned with homemade refreshments to be served. If you would like more information about Sierra Vista Hospital’s Art in the Hospital program, contact Dan Morrell at (575) 894-1388 or dan.morrell@svhnm.org.


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