The Sweet Foundation Offers Assistance With Opiate Addiction

By Carlos Padilla


It has been reported that New Mexico has the highest rate of opiate drug abuse in the nation, and Sierra County has the highest rate of abuse of opiates statewide.

So it is timely that The Sweet Foundation has formed to help those who are battling an addiction to opiates.

“We are pleased to announce, first to the residents of Sierra County, an addiction resource,” Melissa Loomis of The Sweet Foundation told The Herald.

The Sweet Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation (approval pending) dedicated to improving the lives of those afflicted with or by addiction, especially opiate prescription drugs.

In the very near future, within six months, The Sweet Foundation will be staffed with clinical therapists trained specifically in helping those who are drug dependant. The Sweet Foundation will also establish a walk-in office, where those who need help can take advantage of the many resources available to help addicts recover a quality of life they deserve.

There is a desperate need for these services in our community, and the people at The Sweet Foundation are able to help now.

“Our approach is simple: we put those seeking to change addicted behavior, first,” Loomis says. “No one person responds to treatment the same way, and we find out who we are helping, and design a treatment plan for them using practical skills and faith. From the time they contact us, we walk with them through all of the withdrawals, sickness and mental anguish, and enable them to take strides in reclaiming a genuine place in society, free from addiction.”

There are no costs for those who qualify.

Presently, The Sweet Foundation offers 24-hour, on-call support to clients, including home/hospital visits; a liaison between the patient and doctor for those receiving opiate drug treatment; free information for the effects of prescription drugs, including contra-indications, side effects, dosage issues and complications; interventions; workforce training and assistance; financial assistance to those who qualify, and basic assistance for food, clothing, and shelter for those in good standing; chronic pain resources, including NMDOH Medical Cannabis application assistance, linkages with many doctors specializing in chronic pain management without the use of opiate therapy, and holistic alternatives to managing chronic pain; and guest speaking.

“We are staffed with more than 100 years of combined training, education, and experience,” says Loomis. “Our approach is simple – we put YOU first in your life. If you or someone you know needs assistance, we can help you walk away. Call (575) 740-0328 or e-mail us at thesweetfoundation@yahoo.com. We are also on Facebook and are currently building a web site. Your confidentiality and spirit will always be respected.”


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