Albuquerque Supplier To Local Ring Arrested


By Carlos Padilla


The latest in a string of drug trafficking arrests has been made due to ongoing investigations led by the Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the Truth or Consequences Police Department.

On Friday, Sept. 7, the day after his 21st birthday, Joshua Aragon of southwest Albuquerque was arrested and charged with several felony counts, including second-degree racketeering, trafficking and/or distribution of a controlled substance; third-degree conspiracy to commit racketeering; third-degree criminal solicitation; and third-degree conspiracy to commit felony distribution of marijuana.

Listed among Aragon’s accomplices are Todd Jager, Jacob White, Jessie Lowman-Fenton and unnamed others, according to the criminal complaint filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court. The aforementioned individuals are each facing numerous felony charges stemming from a previous operation conducted in the city of Truth or Consequences.

Aragon is accused of being associated with the illicit, locally based criminal enterprise.

According to the affidavit for arrest warrant filed in Magistrate Court by Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office Senior Investigator R.D. Hays, these ongoing investigations have identified and led to the apprehension of several individuals involved in drug trafficking organizations locally.

One of the suspects arrested in a previous operation identified Mr. Aragon as his marijuana supplier, and stated that he lived in Albuquerque. This suspect further stated that Aragon typically would deliver the marijuana to Truth or Consequences, and stated that the phone number associated with the contact name “Josh Krondo” in his mobile phone was in fact Joshua Aragon.

Another suspect confirmed that he and the other suspect would split the cost equally on purchasing the controlled substances that they sold, and stated that he and the other suspect traveled to Las Cruces and El Paso to pick up narcotics. All three suspects reportedly traveled to Albuquerque to get marijuana from Mr. Aragon on July 29, and were expecting him to deliver more marijuana to Truth or Consequences in the early morning hours of Aug. 1.

A search warrant allowing for the downloading of the suspects’ mobile phones was drafted and approved hours before that transaction was to take place, however, on July 31. That warrant revealed information from Todd Jager’s phone, in the form of numerous text messages between Mr. Jager and Mr. Aragon, detailing conversations between the two men consistent with discussions regarding the purchase and sale of controlled substances.

Investigation records from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration include information identifying Mr. Aragon as the mobile subscriber to the phone number matching the number identified in the text messages.

DEA agents received a court order from a federal magistrate judge, allowing them to capture all of the calls made by phones identified as being used by Mr. Aragon as part of an unrelated investigation into his alleged involvement in violations of the Controlled Substance Act. The calls documented, as part of that court order, communications between Aragon’s multiple phone numbers with Mr. Jager and Mr. White over a three-month period.

On Monday, Sept. 17, Senior Investigator Hays told The Herald that Aragon is facing additional charges in Bernalillo County based on narcotics found in his possession at the time of his arrest by federal agents. Hays further stated that, as a result, Aragon may be facing federal charges in addition to the aforementioned charges.


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