Black Cat Synchronicity at Halloween Drawing

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

There is some big juju going on at Passion Pie Café – the good-witch kind. Jia Apple, Judy Reagan and Tracy Estes, owners of the PPC, at 406 Main St., decided to do a very PC (politically correct) thing. They sold raffle tickets for two months, the proceeds going to buy food and supplies for Sierra Animal Shelter, 1607 N. Date St.

They raffled off the very popular table created by Anne Dimit-Buckley, which features a black cat with supernatural but practical powers – the ability to balance and serve dishes from paws, head and tail.

The café is known for its fine-art tableaux that enrich the fine food experience.

Lo and behold, when Judy Reagan pulled the name of the winner (witnessed in all white-witch fairness), it was the owner of Black Cat Books & Coffee, Rhonda Brittan. She got the table on Halloween, which rounded out the tale.

But the synchronicity started even before the drawing. Brittan was walking to work and spotted a pile of trash “fourteen feet from the dumpster!” Swallowing her bile, she did the PC thing and gathered it up. Instant karma! She found a $20 bill immediately after her good deed.

Brittan then ran into a friend who said, “You’re going to have to do something special with that money.” She took her advice and bought raffle tickets from PPC.

The synchronicity is probably still at work – some black cat eating the good food with good karma getting adopted by a good white-witch from Sierra Animal Shelter.


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