Trash Trucks Draw Protest

By Kathleen Sloan

HERALD Reporter

A small group gathered and parked their cars to block two dirt-road entrances off Sunset Street in the village of Williamsburg on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The dirt roads lead to the City of Truth or Consequences’ solid waste collection center construction site and recycling center.

Some of the protesters are also plaintiffs in a court case that seeks to stop the city from building the collection center and to remove the recycling center. About half of those plaintiffs live a stone’s throw from the new construction, and do not want the smell, noise, dust, rodents, bugs and other nuisances in the neighborhood.

Traffic and dust are the latest issues added to the list.

Someone from the city put the sign up, which is not an official traffic sign, with an arrow directing traffic down Sunset. “Recycling,” it says. That sign has not been removed, as of The Herald’s press deadline.

But two signs predate this unofficial sign, one located at Sunset off Michigan Avenue and another two blocks south on Sunset. Those signs say, “5-Ton Truck Limit.”

The protestors claim the city’s trash trucks and construction trucks are using Sunset – causing noise, dust and damage to the residential street – when they should and could use the dirt road off Michigan.

One protestor said Williamsburg Mayor Carole Schuiling said that the village has already told the City of Truth or Consequences that Village administration was fine with it, when asked to prevent the city’s heavy trucks from using Sunset.

Several Truth or Consequences Police and Sierra County Sheriff’s Department officers showed up, but TCPD Captain James Morgan took the lead. He said the protestors could not block the dirt roads, but promised them – if they moved – he would look into the legality of trucks using Sunset “as soon as I leave here.” The protestors moved their vehicles and none were arrested.

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