Some of the Most Exciting Games Played by the HSHS Tigers

By Mike Tooley

HERALD Publisher

1958 – Deming 12 vs. Tigers 13. Deming led at halftime 12-0.

Silver City 0 vs. Tigers 12. Silver City was undefeated and no opponent had scored on the Colts in eight games.

1963 – Kirtland Central 20 vs. Tigers 20. Regional playoffs in Farmington. There was no overtime or sudden death in 1963. Penetrations were tied and Kirtland Central won the game by one first down.

1968 – Ruidoso 14 vs. Tigers 28. The Tigers won the State Class B Championship in 1968, but the most exciting game was when the Tigers and Ruidoso played for the District Championship. Both teams were undefeated and the game was tied at halftime, 14-14.

1991 – Santa Rosa 27 vs. Tigers 37. The Lions are probably the only high school team in the country still using the single wing offense. The Lions and Tigers exchanged leads six times before the Tigers finally stopped the Lions on one drive and turned the momentum in their favor for the playoff win. The Tigers went on to defeat Escalante 21-0 in the regional playoffs, but lost to the Jal Panthers 15-0 in the championship game.

1995 – Los Alamos 14 vs. Tigers 23. Los Alamos was undefeated and had a chance to kick a field goal in the closing moments to win the game (score was 14-16). Instead they attempted a pass to score and the Tigers intercepted the ball and ran it back for a touchdown.

2005 – Hatch Bears 27 vs. Tigers 28. Game went into double overtime. The Bears scored the last touchdown to trail by one point and decided to attempt a two-point conversion to win the game and the Tiger defense STUFFED it…

2006 – Albuquerque Academy 19 vs. Tigers 20. Regional playoffs. The Tigers upset the Chargers in overtime to advance to the semi-finals against the Socorro Warriors. The Warriors defeated the Tigers 17-14 in TRIPLE OVERTIME. What made these two games so exciting was the fact that the Tigers had finished last place in their district and were picked as the 12th seed in the playoffs.


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