Ex-Cop Facing Charges After Pointing Loaded Gun at 8-Year-Old Grandson, Son

By Carlos Padilla


A former law enforcement officer has found himself on the other side of the law, facing four felony charges. Sixty-year-old Jimmy George, a former officer with the Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD), has been charged with two third-degree criminal counts of abandonment or abuse of a child, and two fourth-degree criminal counts of aggravated assault.

The felony charges stem from accusations that the grandfather pointed a loaded weapon at his grandson on two separate occasions and pointed a loaded weapon at his adult son on two separate occasions as well.

In court documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court Wednesday, Aug. 6, TCPD Detective George Lee states that he reviewed a CPS intake report on Monday, May 12. The individual who filed the complaint expressed concern that Mr. George had threatened to kill his daughter and her two young children. The Children Youth & Families Division (CYFD) did not accept that report.

CYFD did, however, accept a second report made at the end of that same week. That report indicates that Mr. George held his young grandson down and pointed a loaded gun at the boy’s head.

Detectives Lee and James Harrington immediately launched an investigation. Several relatives of Mr. George were interviewed beginning Tuesday, May 20.

Two witnesses and the young boy provided statements describing an incident in April when Mr. George, reacting to his grandson placing his fist on Mr. George’s stomach, grabbed the boy’s arm and put the boy on the floor. George reportedly pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at the boy’s head, stating he was “going to put [the boy] out of his misery,” according to the boy and his mother, or “end his ass,” according to the mother’s boyfriend.

George reportedly then holstered his weapon and let the boy up off the floor. The young boy then ran out of the mobile home, crying.

George then apparently asked someone to get the boy so he could apologize to him, but the boy refused to re-enter the residence, fearing that his grandfather wanted to kill him. The young boy told investigators that he waited in the car for approximately one hour.

Several months earlier, Mr. George allegedly placed a loaded weapon in his six-year-old granddaughter’s hands.

Both children were taken to Las Cruces for forensic interviews, where the young girl said her grandfather had threatened her and her brother with guns and knives, adding that her grandfather had threatened to shoot off her brother’s hands and foot. When she described the incident when her grandfather made her hold the gun, the young girl said, “…it made her sad and she did not like it and it made her feel like her heart was broken,” according to the court documents.

The young boy told the forensic investigator that his grandfather had threatened to shoot his feet off, adding that his grandfather hates him and is trying to kill him. The boy recalled that his grandfather, while holding the boy down with a gun in his other hand, told the boy to say “Goodbye.”

Mr. George has reportedly threatened both children, telling them each that he would “cut off” parts of their bodies.

Mr. George’s adult son told detectives that if his father doesn’t like something that someone does, he threatens to “shoot their feet off” while holding a pistol.

The son stated that Mr. George had threatened his own grandson with a .45 automatic pistol. He also stated that his father had pointed a loaded weapon at him as well, adding that Mr. George “had threatened to put his gun in his mouth and pull the trigger.” Mr. George’s son stated the last time his father pointed a gun at him was in April. He added that he was afraid his father “would go off his rocker and shoot somebody, maybe one of the kids.”

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