TorC TigerSharks to Deming

By Destiny Mitchell

The TorC TigerSharks traveled to their last away meet for the season on Saturday, Aug. 9, to Deming, N.M. Bringing only a handful of swimmers, the TigerSharks still swept house and took many first and second places. The swimmers had a fantastic time, and showed both Deming and Silver that they really knew their stuff!

Honorable mentions include Gerson Montoya and Aaron Clendenin, who took turns swimming with the older age groups in order to represent our team, (having no 15 and up swimmers.) The 13-14 co-ed relay, including Gerson and Aaron, along with Shelbi Hursh and Abi Claesson, dominated both the medley and freestyle relay, taking first place against all of the older teams.

The 11-12 and 9-10 relays also took first place in both of their events. Holly Asbell and Mercedez Hernandez were the sole representation of 11-12 girls and took turns sweeping the age group. Eight-year-old Mariah Hernandez, forced to swim with the 9-10 girls due to lack of anyone in her age group, swam away with a first place in the backstroke for her heat. All-in-all, the kids swam fantastically, and even had some special races at the end. Deming instituted a parent versus child race, in which several of the TigerSharks took place in. Brendan Tolley (barely) lost to his son, Josh Tolley, Amy Claesson (barely) lost to her daughter, Abi Clesson, and Coach Destiny lost to her (adopted for the day daughter) Ella Cano-Linson, with Brian Asbell winning against his 11-year-old daughter, Holly Asbell. All-in-all, it was a great meet, and everyone had a ton of fun. Thanks to supreme hosts Deming and guests Silver City as well.

The TigerSharks will have their final end-of-year exhibition swim meet on Saturday, Aug. 16, 8-11 a.m., at the City of Truth or Consequences Swimming Pool. It is open to anyone who wishes to glimpse the TigerSharks in action. Deming and Silver City will also attend. It is an exhibition swim meet, followed by an awards ceremony/potluck in the park behind the pool.

The Sierra County Swim Team would like to once again extend a heartfelt thank you to the community for all of their support. The money raised helps to cover the cost of awards, suits for the team, and the weekly pool rental fee. This week’s rental fee was sponsored by White Water Rapids, a local franchise who invests in the community as well as providing unique recreational services to the community. Thank you, Captain Bob and Miss Vicki!

The TigerSharks are continuing to offer free swimming lessons on weekends through the month of August, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Sponsored by Jean Gross Bullard, the team has already delivered more than 37 individual lessons to community youth. It is a great opportunity to get an introduction to the water, and learn necessary skills for the future. The lessons cover everything from basic water safety instruction to swimming techniques, diving, and water games. Thank you for the community support of this project, and thank you to the team for such a generous donation to the community youth.

The TigerSharks are winding down their season, but hope to swim year around with the inflatable cover at the swimming pool. Practices will be several times per week TBA in October.


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