TorC’s Most Pressing Infrastructure Needs: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Animal Shelter

By Tony A. Archuleta

HERALD Reporter

Two of the city’s most pressing needs – renovation of the wastewater treatment plant and setting up an animal shelter – appear at the top of the 2016 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

The Truth or Consequences City Commission, during a workshop Tuesday, Aug. 2, was scheduled to provide a forum for discussion and public input on the ICIP list, which is an important component in applying for legislative funding from year to year.

During the commission’s regular meeting later that evening, Assistant City Manager Bill Slettom was scheduled to present for the commission’s consideration a resolution formally adopting the ICIP, a long-range “wish list” looking ahead to 2020.

Wastewater treatment plant renovation currently has $60,000 funded to date with a $4.5 million federal loan listed for 2016 and additional funding in 2017 ($3.7 million) and 2018 ($1.8 million). Total project cost is $10.2 million.

Available funds to date for the animal shelter: $100,000 legislative, plus $800,000 and $100,000 expected in subsequent years. Total project cost is $1 million.

Three more big-ticket items appear, in order: water/wastewater line replacement ($2.7 million total project cost), upgrades for a pair of electrical main feeders ($2.1 million) and utilities pole replacement ($1.5 million).

Additional priorities, in order, Sierra Vista Hospital expansion, storm drain improvements downtown, construction and demolition landfill, Healing Waters Plaza, solar generating plant, library expansion, new city hall/commission chambers, Civic Center renovations, citywide sidewalks, effluent water to cemetery, Mims auxiliary fire station, Municipal Golf Course expansion, dog park, senior citizens complex and north water well.

The sum total for all listed projects: $39.8 million.

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