MainStreet’s Quarterly Meeting

By Linda DeMarino

Earlier this month, Truth or Consequences MainStreet hosted the New Mexico MainStreet Quarterly Leadership Network meeting. About 60 representatives from more than 27 different communities throughout New Mexico converged in downtown Truth or Consequences for four days. Rich Williams, director of New Mexico MainStreet pointed out that while Truth or Consequences has had MainStreet organizations in the past, this was the first time they have brought the quarterly to town.

Many participants chose lodging in the downtown hot springs hotels and kicked off their stay with a tour of Spaceport America. The following night, Truth or Consequences MainStreet hosted the opening reception at Riverbend Hot Springs. Attendees were treated to music, food, hot springs soaks and mini-massages. Veteran MainStreet personnel from other communities had high praise for the event.

The next day, various speakers focused on engaging boards, youth, and volunteers shared their knowledge with the attendees to encourage programs to utilize its assets to become better programs. This was followed up by various tours of shops and hotels in the MainStreet district. Mary Libby Campbell, executive director from Harding County MainStreet comment, “You are so lucky. You have everything here!”

MainStreet Truth or Consequences would like to thank all those who helped make this event such a success. Because of the efforts and contributions of many people and businesses, we made a positive impression on a large number of people who will now be ambassadors for Truth or Consequences!


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