Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Woman, Mother in Hillsboro

By Carlos Padilla


A Sierra County man with a felony record is facing two new charges stemming from an incident reported earlier this month. A criminal complaint filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court last Monday, Aug. 18, details the events that led to the arrest of 56-year-old Robert R. Riley.

Just before 10:45 p.m., Friday, Aug. 15, Sierra County Sheriff’s officials responded to the 200-block of Sixth Street in Hillsboro, regarding a domestic disturbance in progress. 911 Dispatch operators alerted the responding officials that the man in the residence – later identified as Mr. Riley – had threatened to shoot anyone who arrived at the residence, and that Riley also had a couple of guns inside the home.

The law enforcement officials parked their vehicles some distance from the home, grabbed their AR-15 rifles and made their way toward the residence. Just before they left their patrol units, Central Dispatch operators alerted the officials that the man had left the home on foot and had ran into a barn on the property just west of the residence.

As the officials snuck up onto the property, they approached a woman walking around the outside of the home. When the officials made their way toward the barn, the woman went inside the house and locked the door.

The officials covertly approached the barn, made their way to the barn’s door and observed Mr. Riley walking inside the structure, on the far side of the barn. The officials then announced their presence, ordering Mr. Riley to exit the barn with his hands up. Riley responded by walking to an area inside the barn where the officials could not see him.

As the officials made their way to the front of the barn, they saw Riley making his way back to the residence – walking very fast. One of the officials ran toward Mr. Riley, pointing his rifle at the man and commanding him to stop. Riley ignored the commands, and continued to walk toward the house. When Riley realized the official was close to him, he finally stopped walking.

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