Local Man Arrested After Severely Beating Ex-Girlfriend

By Carlos Padilla


A Truth or Consequences man has been charged with three felony criminal counts after he reportedly held the mother of his young son against her will and severely beat the woman over a period of several hours.

Anthony Archuleta, 44, of the 300-block of North Silver Street, has been charged with third-degree aggravated battery against a household member, third-degree assault against a household member with intent to commit a violent felony, and fourth-degree false imprisonment.

Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Blacklock responded to a local residence on Thursday, Aug. 21, and spoke with a woman who wanted to report a delayed instance of domestic violence that occurred when another woman went to her ex-boyfriend’s home to pick up her baby.

Deputy Blacklock went into the reporting woman’s home and made contact with the female victim, “who had serious injuries to her head and face.”

The injuries were so severe that the woman’s eyes were swollen to the point that it was difficult for her to keep them open, and her left eye appeared to be bloody. The woman appeared to have difficulty talking, and she had dried blood and bruising on her upper lip. Deputy Blacklock further stated in court documents that the woman’s cheeks were severely swollen and she appeared to be in a lot of pain. Furthermore, Blacklock noted that the woman’s clothing was ripped off of her in places.

When asked what had happened, the woman told the deputy “my ex kept kicking me in his mobile home for three hours.”

The woman stated that she arrived at Mr. Archuleta’s home at about 7 a.m., to pick up her baby boy. Archuleta sent the woman to the baby’s bedroom, then pushed her to the ground and began punching her in the face. The woman said that she screamed for help, but no one came. When the woman attempted to leave the residence, Archuleta reportedly grabbed her by her hair and dragged her back into the house.

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