Local Man Arrested With Heroin

By Carlos Padilla


While patrolling in the City of Elephant Butte on Tuesday evening, Aug. 21, Sierra County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) Investigator Joshua Baker saw a man with several complaints of trespassing and thefts walking in the area of Black Range Road and Camino Encantado.

Investigator Baker states in court documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court that he lost the man – identified as 53-year-old Albert Padilla – but located him approximately 45 minutes later in the same area, walking eastbound in the 100-block of Camino Encantado.

As Baker began to make a U-turn, he observed Padilla looking at him and walk toward a wooden fence in front of a home. Padilla then reportedly walked close to a wooden plank fence and dropped something. Padilla approached a man and woman who were removing items from a car parked in the driveway of a home.

Investigator stopped his vehicle and began to approach Padilla, who was asking the man and woman if they needed any help. When asked what he was doing in the area, Padilla claimed that he sometimes visits his stepsister who lives in the area, and was just asking if the couple needed any help.

Padilla told the official that he lives on Mercury Street in Truth or Consequences, but couldn’t recall the exact address. Padilla denied trespassing in the area and also denied stealing anything. Padilla then stated that he was simply going to ask the man unloading items from his car for a ride back to his home on Mercury Street, so he could go home.

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