Man With Knife Threatens Family, Officers

By Carlos Padilla


Law enforcement officials from two agencies responded to a home on Market Road, located just outside of Truth or Consequences city limits along State Highway 181, on Friday, Aug. 22, regarding a report that a man – later identified as 32-year-old Kelley J. Theobald – was attempting to stab family members.

Theobald was reportedly still inside the residence when officials from the Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD) and Sierra County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) arrived on scene, according to documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court on Monday, Aug. 25.

As officials entered the residence, they saw two women located in the home along with Mr. Theobald, who was in the living room. Theobald, upon seeing the officials, reportedly picked up something from a recliner. At that time, Theobald placed a knife inside a large slingshot and pulled the knife backward in an aggressive manner and pointed the weapon at the ground.

The (SCSD) official drew out his department-issued side arm and pointed it at Theobald as the TCPD officer pointed his taser at the armed man.

Theobald was given numerous commands to drop the knife, but refused to comply. After several seconds, Theobald placed the knife on the recliner, but kept the slingshot in his hands. The man refused to drop the slingshot after several commands, replying, “No. You guys put your weapons down.”

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