Doctor Phillips Opens Local Children and Family Clinic

Roxanna Phillips, MD, has opened her new Children & Family Clinic at 518 N. Date St., in Truth or Consequences. The new facility is in the building previously occupied by Dr. Hewitt, right across Date from the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, and operates Mondays-Fridays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Dr. Phillips brings both life experience and a current medical education to her practice. She began medical school at the age of 50, after raising six children. She attended Ross University Medical School and the University of Nevada School of Medicine Pediatric Residency Program. Fresh from medical school and residency, she has been the pediatrician at Ben Archer for the last two years, and decided to open her own clinic in July.

The Children & Family Clinic focuses on children of all ages, and will care for parents of their families as well. Dr. Phillips has experience as a midwife and doula, and feels comfortable managing prenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies and other well ­woman care.

Asked why she took on the challenge of a medical career at the time many people are thinking of retirement, she related this story: “Kawasaki’s disease is a rare, but life-­threatening disease. It was unusual that I was able to see a case in medical school, and even more rare that I would see a second one in residency. Right after I started in Truth or Consequences, a grandmother brought her grandson in. I recognized the classic symptoms of Kawasaki’s disease immediately and had him rushed to a cardiology unit in Cruces. By doing so, we were able to protect him from heart damage that could prove fatal. That was very gratifying. I practice so that I can make a difference in young lives.”

Children & Family Clinic accepts all forms of insurance.

Contact Ron Phillips at (702) 773-3305 or strategic one@yahoo.com.


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