EB Takes Necessary Action on Next Stages of Construction

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

With the council’s workshop canceled, the regular meeting for Elephant Butte City Council began promptly on Wednesday, Sept. 3, with a short agenda.

Elephant Butte Mayor Eunice Kent provided the council and staff with her report from Municipal Days, which were held in Santa Fe the previous week. Kent discussed the idea of an “expression wall” for the city, which had been a talking point during the Municipal Days. The expression wall would serve as a platform for Elephant Butte residents and visitors to express themselves to the elected city officials and staff in a more organic way. The idea behind such a wall would be an informal setting, giving an unobstructed access of the city staffers, which would allow for open feedback to be given.

Council member Kim Skinner and City Manager Alan Briley both offered similar accounts of the idea; however, the city would need to discuss the idea further to implement it for the city, but it would be extremely useful as the city launches its comprehensive planning investigation for the city’s future development.

Kent also made the request for additional volunteers to be sought after for the upcoming Elephant Days, which will be held Sept. 12-14. She clarified that the volunteer orientation day would be held at 5 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 11, at Elephant Butte Inn. This year, different shifts and duties are available for sign-ups during the orientation. Further inquires to volunteer can be directed to Elephant Butte City Hall.

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