Man Nailed for Attacking Woman With Hammer

By Carlos Padilla


A Truth or Consequences man has been charged with a single felony count of fourth-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he attacked a woman with a hammer. Sixty-six-year-old Michael H. Bradbury of the 500-block of East Second Street was arrested and taken into custody on Aug. 30.

Truth or Consequences Police Department Officer Larry Bleimeyer responded to a mobile home park located on Second Street regarding a report to a man armed with a hammer assaulting a woman on the property.

Documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court on Tuesday, Sept. 2, after the Labor Day holiday weekend, indicate that the trailer court’s manager reported that Mr. Bradbury exited his mobile home carrying a hammer. Bradbury began to close distance toward the woman, and started yelling at her.

Numerous individuals in the mobile home park reportedly witnessed the incident.

Bradbury reportedly told Officer Bleimeyer that he came out of his residence armed with a hammer, and stated that he called out a group of workers working on a neighboring mobile home, telling them to step out “…and we can handle this.”

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