NM State Police Release Stats from Holiday Weekend

The New Mexico State Police allocated additional manpower with an anticipated increase in traffic volume and anticipated calls for service for the 2014 Labor Day Weekend. There were less calls for service this weekend than prior holiday weekends earlier this year. Due to the high visibility and hard work from our officers, this weekend was a success in that crashes were kept at a minimum and visitors enjoyed a safe stay at the various locations in Sierra County to include Elephant Butte Lake. In addition to the detection and suppression of any criminal activity, officers were highly visible on Interstate 25, state roads in and around Elephant Butte, and were successful to reduce alcohol-related crimes on the highways and water. We saw a significant decrease and were able to deter alcohol activity with juveniles from the Fourth of July Weekend. The following is the activity that was generated in Sierra County for the weekend:


Speed – 154

Seat Belt – 18

Child Restraint – 6

No Insurance – 25

Suspended/Revoked – 5

Other – 43

Recovered/Stolen Vehicle – 1


DWI – 1

Felony Arrests – 1 (Probation/Parole Absconder)

Non-Traffic Citations – 3 (1 Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce; 2 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia)


Total of 1: Non-injury crash

Agency Assist (1): injury crash


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