The Bountiful Babies of Sierra County

For happy, healthy babies and parents, keep them close to the heart. Wear your baby!

A free workshop to make “ring-slings” will be held Thursday, Sept. 25, 12-3 p.m., at St. Paul’s Church, 407 N. Cedar St., in Truth or Consequences. Sewing machines, sewing assistants, all materials, and lunch will be provided for moms, dads and caregivers of babies up to 30 pounds. Class is limited to 12 participants. You must call Jessica Murphy at (575) 635-1690 to register and save a place.

The original practice of keeping babies close to the body of mom, dad or primary caregiver benefits both child and adult in big ways. To name a few: better sleeping, less crying, better development of the digestive system, nervous system and coordination. It has also been found that “baby wearing” decreases postpartum depression for mothers, as it supports natural hormone balancing, and strengthens the bond between babies and mothers. This is essential for a child to become strong and independent.

There is a practical aspect as well. The caregiver’s hands are free to do daily tasks and activities and so the rhythms of daily life are less and stressful. The baby is “riding” along and getting lot of eye contact, warm rocking and swaying, reading facial expressions (learning), and making connections to sound and language. As corny as it sounds, “everyone is a lot happier.”

In such a complex world, here is a very simple solution to health and wellbeing at the very start of life for families.

Jessica is an expert baby-wearer. The mother of three, her first two were twins born prematurely. A nurse in the neonatal unit told her “you will be a baby-wearer.” And she is, and is an advocate for its benefits and its pleasure.

Many thanks to the Brindle Foundation for supporting efforts in Sierra County to nurture the lives of babies, infants and toddlers, and to The Bountiful Alliance, our local “people helping people” organization, who also sponsor the Farmer’s Market where EBT and WIC vouchers are accepted.

Other offerings from Bountiful Babies include:

Free swimming classes and water safety for parents/caregivers and children three months to six years, Saturdays, 12-1 p.m., at the city pool.

Kids Sing & Rhythm with Maryse Lapierre, Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m., at Studio de La Luz, at the corner of Broadway and Pershing, free.

For more information, call Wendy Sager Evanson at (575) 740-3680.

Of course, “home time” and daily living is what shapes development and quality of life. It does take a village and lots of nurturing, because it takes lots of energy and heart. Little Things Matter is a free home-visiting program available to all pregnant women and expectant fathers, and parents of children up to three years old in Sierra County. Check it out. Moms love it and parenting is becoming more interesting and joyful.

For more information, call Iria or Elaine at (575) 894-5646.


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