Tigers Host Mavericks Friday Night

By Mike Tooley

HERALD Publisher

After taking the past weekend off, the Tigers of Hot Springs High will host the undefeated Lordsburg Mavericks Friday night, Sept. 20, in Tiger Stadium. Kickoff is slated for 7 p.m.

The Mavericks bring a 3-0 season record into the game, allowing only seven points to be scored on their defense this season, while the Maverick offense has been generating an average of 53 points per game. They have two wins at home and one victory on the road. Their victories at home include Academia Juarez 54-0 and Wilcox, AZ 53-7. Last weekend, the Mavericks were on the road and defeated Zuni 52-0.

One of the main reasons for the Maverick offensive output is running back Johnny Plowman, who has a total of 579 yards rushing for the three games. He ran for 101 yards against Zuni, 210 yards against Academia and 268 yards against Wilcox.

With two wins to their credit, the Tigers of HSHS has averaged 32 points per game in their two opening road encounters.

The Tigers will see the return of K.C. Swaim Friday night, which will make a difference for the Tigers offensively and defensively. Swaim missed the first two games with a foot injury sustained while on tour in Australia playing basketball.

On paper, the game slightly favors the Mavericks, as their win over Zuni compared to the Tigers win over Questa 44-20. Questa defeated Zuni earlier in the season 30-8.

In the series between the Mavericks and the Tigers, dating back to 1953, the Tigers hold a slight edge, winning 25 of the outings while the Mavericks have won 22. Last year, the Mavericks defeated the Tigers 26-7.

It is the Mavericks who have handed the Tigers their worst defeat, running the score up to 80-8 in 1970. However, the Tigers returned the favor in 1974 by handing Lordsburg one of the worst defeats 72-0.


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