Woman Seen Smoking Meth Through Window Arrested

Man With Warrant Also Arrested


By Carlos Padilla


A Truth or Consequences woman – identified as 61-year-old Patricia A. Guzman – is facing a handful of drug charges after law enforcement officials observed her ingesting methamphetamine through an open window.

Officials with the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department were advised by Dispatch operators of an active warrant for a woman last known to reside at a home in the 500-block of North Lucky Street. Rather than making contact with that woman, officials arrested Ms. Guzman and a young man identified as Robert T. Hunley on a separate warrant.

Just before 9:15 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 17, Deputy Dale Harrison and Corporal Joel Trejo approached the Lucky Street home, and noticed that a light was on in a front bedroom and the window was partially open. Corporal Trejo looked in to see if he could identify the woman named in the warrant, and reported seeing a woman sitting on a bed with a white jewelry box in front of her. Moments later, the officials observed one of the women holding a clear glass pipe typically used to smoke methamphetamine. Both officials saw the woman light the underside of the bulb portion of the glass pipe and exhale smoke.

The officials backed away from the home and contacted Investigator Joshua Baker, who advised Corporal Trejo and Deputy Harrison to stay parked in front of the residence while he secured a search warrant.

When Investigator Baker arrived on scene, the three officials knocked on the front door and made contact with a man who lives at the home. The officials then made entry into the residence and called everyone into the living room.

Corporal Trejo informed Ms. Guzman that he had observed her through the open window smoking meth using a glass pipe. Guzman reportedly told Trejo that she was smoking marijuana and that the other woman in the room had a medical marijuana card.

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