It’s Sierra County Fair Time!

By Carlos Padilla


This week, the time-honored events of the annual Sierra County Fair will get underway. This year, activity surrounding the 74th Annual Sierra County Fair will begin Tuesday morning, Oct. 7, when the building will open for booth construction.

For the public, activities will kick off Thursday, Oct. 9, at 6:30 p.m., at the Sierra County Fairgrounds located on South Broadway with the rabbit/cavy show.

As the fair proceeds, youth exhibits vary widely from arts and crafts that clubs can complete in an afternoon to yearlong projects like raising, taming and training a 1,250-pound market steer. Most of the indoor home science projects are shorter projects, but some can take months to complete, like growing a pumpkin or designing and sewing an apron. 4-H and FFA kids will typically purchase their baby hogs, sheep and goats starting in April and care for them mornings, days and all hours of the night for five to six months.

The labor of their hard work will be shown off throughout the multi-day event.

There are several dozens of classes in which youth and adults can compete. Some of the more popular categories include photography, quilting, art, crafts, home-science, baking, the horse show, other large animals and plenty of small animals as well. Regardless of the project, youth are challenged to perfect their skills and put in long hours working with their animals.

Youth under the age of nine years are considered Clover Buds and generally can do anything older 4-H members can, except participate in the Livestock Auction. There are approximately nine clubs with more than 100 youth in Sierra County.

The projected cost to put on this popular event is hard to calculate in dollar and cents. For the most part, the fair is made possible by amazing donors, sponsors and a small army of volunteers.

The Junior Livestock Sale raises close to $100,000 each year to help encourage youth to participate in animal projects and grow as responsible, hard working members of the community.

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