SVH Gov. Board Receives Standard Updates

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

The Governing Board for Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 1, with highlights, reports, and brief updates for its construction project.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Zimmerman provided the board members with a highlighted financial report, in absence of Chief Financial Officer Bret Goebel. As Zimmerman highlighted August, the daily cash on hand account reflected recent transferring of funding for the construction project.

Goebel had previously reported that the Governing Board’s decision for its fiscal contribution for the construction had yet to be transferred. For August, the ending balance saw a reduction of cash on hand days, to 111.5, which accurately reflects the transfer of monies.

Zimmerman clarified that while this number was not his goal for the hospital, it is not alarming or even SVH’s lowest seen.

Currently, the hospital has just over $4.421 million, with the transfer of $2.041 million. This transfer also includes a donation, totaling around $41,000.

Zimmerman also reported that all accounts were up to date, with the hospital having a 15-day turn around for accounts payable. Additionally, the total financial liabilities for the hospital saw a decrease for August.

With this, the goal of fully self-supporting for SVH is closer in sight.

“We’re not quite where we want to be,” Zimmerman stated to the board, “but getting stronger every month.”

Furthermore, he reiterated that by taking this action, the hospital would be in a better position for expanding in terms of further construction, which is of obvious need when considering the hospital provides services for all of Sierra County and neighboring areas.

This was reflected in the salary and wages for August, as the Administrator reported an overage of roughly $22,000. He attributed this to an increase of patients (volume) seen and treated at SVH. However, the hospital was still able to maintain under budget for this area for year-to-date.

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