Woman Breaks Into Home, Folds Laundry, Gets Violent


By Carlos Padilla


A Las Palomas family was shaken up by the extremely bizarre antics of an area woman who reportedly lives in the Arrey area, despite courts documents stating that she resides in Albuquerque. Officials have charged 28-year-old Brandy Garay with a handful of criminal counts, including battery upon a peace officer, breaking and entering, criminal damage to property, and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

Just after 1:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 28, a Sierra County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a residence in the 400-block of Las Palomas Canyon Road regarding a disturbance taking place at the home. The homeowner called Dispatch and stated that he did not know the woman who had entered his property. The woman reportedly refused to leave, and was throwing items and breaking property.

As officials arrived on scene, they saw the woman – later identified as Brandy Garay – standing on a staircase in front of the door, facing the direction of the sheriff’s officials. Garay walked down the stairs and approached the officials with her hands full of blood. Blood was also present on the door, on a wall next to the door, and on a window where Ms. Garay had broke the glass.

Garay refused to answer the official’s questions regarding what had taken place prior to their arrival. Instead, Ms. Garay walked back to the broken window and continued to break the window further, grabbing a piece of glass.

When the official tried to lead the woman away from the broken window, Garay reportedly pulled away until she was placed in an arm hold and led back to her vehicle. There, she was placed on the trunk of her vehicle, secured in handcuffs, and advised that she was under arrest. Garay was then placed in the backseat of the patrol unit on scene.

The homeowner then told the deputy that he didn’t know the woman. He stated that the woman walked past his two young daughters into the home and began folding clothes that were on the couch. The woman then reportedly began to throw the clothes around the room before moving on to breakable items – throwing them around the home.

The homeowner stated that he told the woman to leave his home and property, stating that the woman responded by claiming that she was on her property. Finally, when Ms. Garay was at the front door, the homeowner shut and locked the front door.

This prompted Garay to start kicking the door. She then kicked his dog several times. Animal abuse – a fourth-degree felony – however, is not included among the charges filed in this case.

Ms. Garay began walking around the outside of the residence, looking for another way inside the occupied home. Garay broke the front window with her hands and began to pick up the broken glass, throwing it into the interior of the home.

While secured in the back of the deputy’s patrol car, Garay claimed that she didn’t feel well. An ambulance was summoned when the woman claimed that she was going to have a heart attack. When the ambulance arrived, Garay refused to exit the patrol car, and then kicked the deputy in the upper leg when the deputy attempted to help the woman out of the vehicle.

The Herald was later told that Garay accused the man who lives in the home of holding her mother hostage – although her mother doesn’t live in the area and reportedly was accounted for.


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