City Commission Considering Ordinance Establishing Liens on Unpaid Utility Bills


The Truth or Consequences City Commission was set to meet on Tuesday, Oct. 14, with a workshop preceding the regular meeting.

Workshop items: discussion/public input on Comprehensive Master Plan & Affordable Housing (Assistant City Manager Bill Slettom and Jackie Fishman of Consensus Planning; discussion/public input, rules of procedure, determination of process to appoint citizens to city advisory boards, and cost benefit analysis procedures (Mayor Pro-tem Steve Green and Commissioner Kathy Clark); discussion/public input on proposed ordinance for publication: new utility ordinance declaration of lien and recovery of past due bills (City Attorney Jay Rubin).

On the proposed declaration of lien, the proposed amendment adds the following provision: “If a bill for use of any of the utilities described in Chapter 11 or 14 remains unpaid for more than 60 days after the rendition of the bill therefore, the city may record a notice of lien in the office of the County Clerk of Sierra County, and may proceed to foreclose the same. The notice shall consist of a sworn statement by the City Clerk setting forth:

  • A description of such real estate sufficient for the identification thereof;
  • The amount of money due for the use of service of the utilities;
  • The date when such amount became delinquent, and such other requirement as shall satisfy the statutes or laws of the state governing the establishment and foreclosure of liens.

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