Special County Commission Meeting Slated Wednesday


The Sierra County Commission will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 22, in the Commission Chambers, 855 Van Patten St., starting at 10 a.m.

Under new business, the commission will consider adoption of a one-twelfth of one percent (.09375 %) sales tax under the authority of the County Local Option Gross Receipts Taxes Act.

Proceeds from the tax, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2015, are for “general use,” according to the proposed resolution.

The commission will also hear from Sierra County DWI Prevention Coordinator Phyllis Mecca, who is recommending DFL Associates Inc., to fulfill the position of local evaluator for the local DWI Program Substance Abuse Program.

In a letter of recommendation, Mecca cites DFL Associates’ current work with similar programs in Socorro and Torrance counties, which are also within the Seventh Judicial District.

“The potential for further funding through regional grants is greater when positive results are shown at a district level,” Mecca states.

Also under new business: “salary study” and “King Industries Contract” contract between the Flood Commissioner’s Office and the Ruidoso-based consulting firm (supporting documentation was not immediately available in the pre-meeting media packet).

Under contracts, the commission will consider a memorandum of understanding with Luna County detention facility for the housing of inmates at a rate of $60 per day per inmate.

The law enforcement protection services agreement between the City of Elephant Butte and the Sheriff’s Department is also up for renewal. The contract calls for the city to pay the county $20,000 per year through the New Mexico Law Enforcement Protection Fund Act.

Under resolutions, the commission will consider a measure establishing a Uniform Fee Schedule, setting rates for photocopying and related services throughout county offices.

Notable charges: a Voter’s List CD through the Clerk’s Office, $50; manufactured/mobile home certificate through the Treasurer’s Office, $25; Treasurer’s tax roll, $500; NOV database through Assessor’s Office, $500.

Sierra County, like much of southern New Mexico, experienced heavy rainfall in September, which has prompted the county to consider a resolution declaring a local emergency/disaster.

“Heavy rainfall throughout the month of September has resulted in widespread flooding in many areas of Sierra County, resulting in significant damage to both public and private property,” the proposed resolution states.

Adoption of the resolution authorizes the county to exercise “necessary emergency powers, for expending local resources, and for requesting aid, assistance, relief programs, and funding that may be available from the State of New Mexico.”

Finally, the commission will consider a resolution designating the county manager as the “single point of contact for media inquiries.”


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