Tigers Outrun Braves 49-6

By Mike Tooley

HERALD Publisher

It took the Tigers of Hot Springs High the entire first quarter to get untracked against the Braves of Santa Fe Indian School. Once they did get untracked, however, it was no contest.

After scoring only two points in the first quarter (and the points came at a mistake by the Braves), the Tigers unleashed a 33-point offense in the second period to take a 35-point lead to the halftime dressing room.

With the mercy rule in effect at the beginning of the second half, the Tigers almost put the game away in the fourth period, however, on the extra point following the Tigers reaching 49 points, Tiger Coach Daniel Terrazas elected to ground the ball and let his bench finish out the game. If the Tigers had reached that 50-point margin over the Braves, the game would have been called off with 9:59 remaining in the contest.

As it was, the mercy rule kept the clock moving during the second half, stopping only on penalties and out-of-bound plays.

With second and third stringers on the field in the fourth period, the Braves were finally able to move the ball to the Tiger goal line, putting six-points on the board to prevent a shutout by the Tigers with 1:55 left in the game.

Both teams had to punt on their first series of the game. The Braves made it to the Tigers 48 yard line on their first possession, and the Tigers moved the ball to the Braves 38 yard line on their first possession. Following the Tiger punt on their possession, the Braves were downed on their own seven yard line and could only move it to the 10 yard line. In an attempt to punt their way out of a hole, the Braves center tossed the ball back over the head of the punter and out the back of the end zone, giving the Tigers two points and the ball.

And then, two minutes into the second quarter, the Tiger offense exploded for five touchdowns and went up 35-0 at halftime.

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