Local Woman Faces Felony Charges After Striking Officer

By Carlos Padilla


A Truth or Consequences woman, identified as 24-year-old Rita A. Armendariz, is facing five criminal charges, including two felonies after an incident took place early Sunday evening, Oct. 26.

Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD) Sgt. Andrew Laux responded to the 100-block of West Sixth Street due to a report of a man lying in the street. While he was heading to the scene, Sgt. Laux was told by Dispatch operators that a 911 call placed from the very number that reported the man lying in the street included people arguing in the background, and later that there were two men fighting in the street.

When he arrived on scene, Sgt. Laux reportedly saw a woman standing in the roadway, yelling towards a brick building. Laux asked Ms. Armendariz what was going on, to which she responded that she was walking home when a person came out of his apartment and started messing with her. Ms. Armendariz added that this man punched her, and said that she could identify him by his voice.

TCPD Officer Justin Blacklock arrived on scene and began interviewing the other individual involved in the incident.

When Sgt. Laux again asked Armendariz what had occurred, she changed her story, stating that four black people had approached her, trying to sell her cocaine. Armendariz claimed that when she refused to buy the illicit drug, they beat her up. She stated that she could not identify the assailants’ clothing, but again said that she could identify one of them by his voice.

Right after making that statement, Ms. Armendariz pointed at Officer Blacklock and stated, “That tweeker [expletive] right there.”

Sgt. Laux advised Armendariz to stay seated on the curb while he talked to the other parties involved in the fracas.

Armendariz reportedly responded to Sgt. Laux with colorful language about him wasting her time, and was told three times to be quiet.

“You know what?” Armendariz reportedly responded to Sgt. Laux as she began to get up from the curb, “Go ahead,” she added when she was fully standing.

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