Vote Canvassing, Land Sale, Detention Center on Agenda


Friday’s, Nov. 7, special meeting of the Sierra County Commission will consist of routine canvassing of general election returns, and the not-so-routine business of the recent, indefinite closure of the Detention Center on North Date Street.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m., in the Commission Chambers, 855 Van Patten St., and “public comment” is also on the agenda.

Also under executive session/real estate/open session: Resolution No. 103-034-Purchase of Property.

The resolution titled, “Transfer of Property Purchased for Development of Road Department,” states the county bough vacant property (on South Broadway) for the development of the road department in 2012 in the amount of $295,000.

“The Board of County Commissioners deems it advantageous to dispose of this vacant property for its appraised value to facilitate the purchase of a building that will house not only the Road Department, Facility Maintenance Department, but also the County Sheriff’s Department,” the proposed resolution states.

The county is statutorily required to “render the transfer of real property with a value in excess of $100,000 subject to the approval of the New Mexico Board of Finance.”

The resolution also states it is up to the county manger’s office to “take all necessary and appropriate actions to facilitate the disposition” of the property.


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