First Quarter Finances Closes Solidly for SVH

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

Although September closed out the first quarter for Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) barely in the positive for finances, overall, the whole quarter has been statistically vast improvements when compared to previous years for the hospital.

During the most recent regularly scheduled meeting for SVH’s Governing Board, held the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 5, auditor Tom Dingus, of Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC, reported on the previous fiscal year 2013-‘14. While Dingus provided highlights to the board members, Chief Executive Officer Michael Zimmerman took the opportunity to highlight the responsibility for these vast financial improvements to be due in large to a handful of departments and their respective staff.

Dingus clarified that the hospital’s audit fell into a select range of hospitals that do not result in any findings, which is no small feat. Additionally, the hospital has maintained an upward trend in improvements in different areas regarding its finances. Dingus and Zimmerman expressed the magnitude of the surgical operation services to be a major contributor in the recent turn. Finance Chair Warren Cross and Greg D’Amour both expressed the previous investment of the hospital into the area is proving to be a safe venture, and will have the potential to expanding into other surgical opportunities as well.

On average, previous first quarters have resulted in the following figures for operational costs of SVH:

2012 – $210,000

2013 – $379,000

2014 – $424,000

2015 – $85,000

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