SVH Expands Beyond Its Current Land

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

At the most recent meetings for both the Governing Board and the Joint Powers Commission for Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH), which took place on consecutive days Wednesday Nov. 5 and Thursday Nov. 6, respectively, hospital administrator Michael Zimmerman reported the hospital’s latest land expansion.

This move both utilizes land already procured by the hospital, on it’s current property location, but also includes an additional building located in downtown Truth or Consequence. This latest move into the area will come at a cost for the hospital, however, they are seeking to finance the move through the hospital’s excess cash funds.

Through an internal report, Chief Executive Officer Zimmerman expressed that SVH currently receives one percent of its excess cash on deposit. However, the relocation of “a steadfast supporter of the hospital” into the downtown location will net the hospital six- to nine-percent return, depending on the amount of reserve it takes for maintenance for the building.

Located at 703 Broadway, in Truth or Consequence, the hospital would be purchasing the previous Elks Building on recommendation of its administrative staff. The anticipated cost of the building is $160,000, with rent approximately set to $1,500 a month and the expectation of the tenant to pay for full utilities and upkeep.

This venture is not yet finalized, as such, Zimmerman expressed to both boards that the tenant wishes to remain anonymous until the purchase is finalized. Once finalized, the anticipated move-in date for the tenant is after Jan. 1, 2015.

Additionally, Zimmerman released an internal report for a new clinic building, which will be a modular building located on the current hospital land. This building would be replacing the current segmented clinics, and also provide for a centralized location for all additional clinical services offered at the hospital.

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