EB City Council Continues Discussion on Road Improvements

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

At the most recent workshop for the Elephant Butte City Council, held Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m., council members and city staff spoke at length on the continued efforts on improving the roadways within city limits.

City Manager Alan Briley guided the discussion for the workshop, informing Mayor Eunice Kent and council members of the current conditions, with a short list of potential changes to ordinance codes, and pros/cons to either maintaining current code or altering of it if the council so chooses.

Briley expressed that the previous council developed the current policy, but he questioned whether that was still serving the growing needs of Elephant Butte’s residents and businesses. This would require the current council to revisit previous action, and potentially amend standing code that allows for residents and businesses to be responsible for land from their property to streets – city/state property.

In terms of residents, the city focused on discussing the benefits and consequences of the city maintaining the current policy and the possible alteration of it. With the latter, the city’s primary concern is centralized on code requirements for coverts. This also holds true for businesses. Residents, however, have a greater impact because their properties usually only have a single access point, whereas commercial properties in Elephant Butte have considerable driveway access points.

The size of commercial drive led into the second point of discussion for the council, which focused on addressing matters for businesses within city limits and their interaction with city roadways.

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