School Board Receives Updates, Status of Conditions

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

The Tuesday evening, Nov. 13 meeting of the Truth or Consequences Municipal School Board occurred with a full house, with the addition of a handful of students coming before the board members with a status update for current conditions.

The board members discussed the current need for revision to its service contract with Honeywell Building Solutions. As the schools have acquired equipment that is property of Honeywell, the contract revision was more a formality than a negotiation of the lowest priced contract. The contract includes a revised maintenance contract for the Hot Springs High School equipment to a full-time contract. This will improve the turn-around time of 24-hours for maintenance requests, which will bring down the overall costs for upkeep and longevity for the equipment.

Additionally, the revision will condense the current three separate contracts into one, which will streamline the billing and payment process into one invoice and payment. The new elementary school is not listed on this contract currently, as it is under a contract with Public School Facilities Authority for the next three years, which includes two-year warranties with the construction contractors as well.


Dr. Barbara Pearlman provided the board with an updated report for GRIT, which included positive yet grounding results for the program. The current enrollment for the program is roughly 15 active students, with two on track for receiving graduating high school diplomas in December and an additional two to receive diplomas in the spring. This is reflective of a combined effort of the student, parents, and staff, as there are many challenges for all to overcome to achieve this goal.

Currently, the students are now required to meet four days a week, up from the original requirement of one. This is a consequence of outside work not being completed, despite promises of both students and parents.

Most students are facing overwhelming odds against them, however, they require significant support from their home life, which is presently lacking.

Pearlman expressed that most receive the only meals of the day from the program, and they are also helping to provide clothing and necessary equipment for academic success as well.

The board expressed its continued support and gratitude for the efforts of Pearlman and her staff.

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